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Electronic Arts, one of the most iconic companies in gaming always promises to deliver at E3. This year they didn’t disappoint. With a little bit of something for everyone, they whet many a fan’s appetite for what is to come over the next year. Check out the highlights of their conference below!

Star Wars: Battlefront

Not quite sure where to even start with this, just…wow. Fans of both franchises can really see the appeal this brings and the trailer alone was so impressive. Taken from a PS4, the battle seemed intense and manic, the scale was vast and how about that final battle clip with Luke Skywalker and a “close relative”?! If you haven’t seen it, watch below and enjoy!



Mass Effect: Andromeda

Mass Effect returns at the end of next year, 2016. The latest addition seems to add some pretty cool game play features (hello jetpack!) but we didn’t see any actual game play just yet. Expect this to be one of the main attractions at E3 2016 though.


Mirrors Edge: Catalyst

This cinematic and stylish free-running game is back early next year. The trailer didn’t show any definite game play but the visuals were stunning and storyline intriguing. This next-gen version should excel graphics wise, no loading screens will be a joy. Drama, bad guys and an excellent protagonist all add up to one promising title.



In the midst of all the new versions of old favourites was a new platform-puzzle game. You play the cute and intriguing main character, a ball of yarn essentially. The game play shown looked fun and very clever. Interaction with surrounding objects/characters, use of your own yarn, timing are all in play here. For a platform game, the graphics are very impressive as well.

Need For Speed

EA seem excited about this one, a culmination of previous version of the franchise, launching in November this year. No actual game play was show, but the trailer was captured in-engine. It seemed a bit theatrical at points too. We will need more details on this one before making up our minds. If racing games are your thing and you are a fan of the NFS franchise, no doubt this will be a good one.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Knights of the Fallen Empire is a new expansion pack being released for this hugely popular MMORPG. Promising more story focussed game play and a few surprises as well, this add on should go down well with current and new fans of the game. Which may include myself after watching the excellent trailer below. Release October this year.

Sports, they’re in the game…

We all know EA loves sports and their yearly endeavours were on show. Some highlights include female players in Fifa 16, a fantasy football mode in Madden NFL 16 and a new face scanning app that allows you to add your own face to a player within the game, pretty cool! Check out the line up below, nice soundtrack NBA.
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