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Panasonic have just officially announced the new SC-UA7 & SC-RS52 HiFi systems which can be seen to be at opposite ends of the HiFi system spectrum!

The new SC-UA7 is an absolute beast of a thing and something we got to experience for ourselves at Panasonic’s European convention in Frankfurt back in February. The unit has unbelievable bass levels and has managed to pack 10 separate speaker units into the body kicking out an enormous 1,700W of power.


The SC-RS52 in the other hand is much more restraint and delicate in it’s stylings. The device even has a hark back to days of old with the inclusion of a disk tray but does have 4GB built in for storing your CDs digitally.

SC-RS52 Black right

The Panasonic SC-UA7 has an RRP of €699 while the Panasonic SC-RS52 has an RRP of €279. Both devices are available from and electronic retailers nationwide including Panasonic stores in Limerick and Belfast.

Please find the official press release below along with additional features for both speakers:


  • Airquake Bass configuration.
  • An all-in-one speaker which boasts 10 separate speaker units.
  • A freestanding one-box speaker and HiFi that packs a ground-shaking 1,700W of power output.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity.


  • Large magnet and bespoke Twisted Acoustic ports.
  • 40W power output combined with a 3rd generation Lincs D-Amp.
  • A standard CD tray is accompanied by 4GB of internal memory and a recording function for storing music digitally.

New Panasonic HiFi Sytems Offer Power and an Easy Way to Manage CD’S for the Perfect Summer Parties

New Ultimate Audio SC-UA7 system boasts 1,700W of party-starting power, while SC-RS52 is the ideal CD/Bluetooth speaker system for a high performance sound experience

Panasonic has added two new HiFi Systems to its wide range of audio products. The Ultimate Audio SC-UA7 is a freestanding one-box speaker and HiFi that packs a ground-shaking 1,700W of power output. Perfect for parties and home entertainment, the SC-UA7 also features Bluetooth connectivity for simple setup and linking to audio from your smartphone, tablet or other device.

The new SC-RS52 includes similar Bluetooth connectivity but is better suited to a night in with your favourite albums. The SC-RS52’s slim and flat design is perfectly suited for shelf storage, and its 4GB of internal memory allows you to record and replay a combination of up to 25 of your preferred CDs without having to lift a finger.

Fill your home with your favourite music

The 2.1ch Ultimate Audio system SC-UA7 combines elegant, minimal design with phenomenal power and performance, all in a single box. Whether you’re enjoying an action-packed movie or it’s your turn to select a dancefloor-filler on the SC-UA7’s sleek touch display, the robust bass can often turn a good audio experience into an unforgettable one. The SC-UA7’s 1,700W of power is complimented by a unique Airquake Bass configuration that can be physically felt when near to the speaker. Four small ports pull sound forward from the dual woofers, prohibiting air from escaping to create an extremely powerful sound.

In addition to great bass performance, the SC-UA7’s midrange woofers and tweeters are positioned across three sides of the box for a 180-degree sound range that fills every corner of a room. In total, the all-in-one speaker boasts 10 separate speaker units – two 16cm woofers, four 8cm midrange woofers and four 6cm tweeters.

Each unit has been strategically placed to minimise unwanted distortion, from beautifully rounded bass frequencies right through to crisp, clear highs. Typical systems place speaker units on one side of the box, however Panasonic has developed a back-to-back system that cancels out unwanted vibrations and delivers outstanding audio definition, even at high volume.

In addition to amazing power and performance, the SC-UA7 also offers simple operation and a range of networking options. Bluetooth functionality means you can stream all your favourite tunes directly from a mobile device, while the Panasonic Max Juke app allows you to compile playlists and perform basic operations such as volume, play, pause and EQ settings.

The HiFi system also includes two USB ports for music sharing and playback, as well as enough internal memory to store upwards of 1,000 songs. And if you’re more interested in using the speakers for home entertainment, an optical input ensures simple and high-quality connectivity with a TV.

Store your favourite CDs

The new SC-RS52, available in black or white, provides similar easy operation and networking capability, incorporating Bluetooth streaming and intuitive controls. However, the frame-less, slim design of the SC-RS52 has been developed to generate high quality sound at much lower volumes. Two 6.5cm full-range Nano Bamboo speakers incorporate a large magnet and bespoke Twisted Acoustic ports for bass levels that far outweigh the SC-RS52’s small and sleek design. Meanwhile, the 40W power output combines with a 3rd generation Lincs D-Amp and a high rigidity chassis for incredibly low levels of distortion.

In addition to streaming from a mobile device, the SC-RS52 also provides a modern solution for managing your CD collection. A standard CD tray is accompanied by 4GB of internal memory and a recording function for storing music digitally. Entire albums can be stored in high quality WAV format on one of five buttons and then accessed again with a simple push on the corresponding direct access button. There is also the option to overwrite at any time.

The SC-RS52 turns your old CD collection into a jukebox experience worthy of any modern living room – once stored, albums can be enjoyed individually or you can randomly shuffle through every single song stored on the HiFi system.


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