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Samsung Electronics announced the start of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 Exchange Programme in UK and Ireland today, where customers can begin to exchange their existing device for a brand new Note7.

The start of the Galaxy Note7 Exchange Programme follows Samsung’s decision on September 2 to immediately stop sales and shipments of the Note7, after an investigation revealed an issue related to an isolated battery cell.

Since this initial investigation, Samsung has worked hard to ensure the highest quality manufacturing and quality assurance processes are in place. Based on a thorough inspection, Samsung is fully confident that the battery issue has been completely resolved in the replacement Note7 devices that will be available to customers in UK and Ireland from this week.

Although there have been only a small number of reported incidents, customer safety is Samsung’s absolute priority. In addition to the beginning of the Note7 Exchange Programme today, Samsung will also introduce additional measures designed to protect customer safety and encourage Note7 customers to exchange their device as soon as possible:

Battery software update: Samsung will issue new software to all pre-ordered Note7 devices in Europe that will limit the battery charge to 60%. This software will begin rolling out to existing customers’ devices this week (from September 20th in UK and Ireland). By actively limiting the ability of the device to charge to full capacity, Samsung aims to reduce the risk of incidents and simultaneously reinforce the message to customers that they should immediately replace their existing device with a new Note7.
Note7 serial number checker: Note7 customers will be able to enter their device’s IMEI number* via a dedicated webpage** to confirm that they should exchange their existing device.

Customers who exchange their existing device for a new Note7 can be fully confident that their replacement device is not affected by the battery cell issue, courtesy of a new UX update to the battery icon. Any Note7 device that shows a ‘green’ battery icon (previous software version is white) on the device notification bar, the ‘Power Off’ prompt screen or the Always-On Display can be assured that the device is safe for charging. This UX update will be rolled out from tomorrow in UK and Ireland.

Conor Pierce, Vice President of IT & Mobile Samsung Electronics UK & Ireland, commented:

“Our absolute priority is the safety of our customers – that’s why we are asking all Galaxy Note7 customers to act now and exchange today. We would like to apologise to our Note7 customers for not meeting the standard of product excellence that they have come to expect from Samsung and we sincerely thank them for their understanding and patience. We are confident that by exchanging their existing device for a new Note7, customers can expect to enjoy a smartphone experience of the very highest quality.”

For more information on the new Galaxy Note7 Exchange Programme, visit

* The IMEI number is located on the back of the Note7. It can also be found by navigating on the Note7 to: Settings > About Phone or General Management > Status > IMEI information or Serial number


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