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Today, Apple and a selection of banks operating in Ireland have announced the availability of the contactless payment service, Apple Pay. The service launched in the United States approximately two years ago and has seen mixed success so far.

Apple Pay UlsterBank

Apple Pay UlsterBank

Apple Pay functions much like a contactless debit/credit card that most of us are currently using. If there is a compatible payment terminal, you can “tap” your phone to pay for your transaction once you have approved the payment via touchID (there are similar transaction limits etc.). The main difference is that your card details are never transferred between device and terminal. A unique device code is used to complete the transaction and is arguably a more secure process.

The service can also be used via your Apple Watch, your Macbook Pro and within some apps as an alternative payment method across all compatible iOS devices.

Apple Pay Devices

Apple Pay Devices

Currently only KBC, Ulster Bank and boon support the service, however you can expect more to follow suit. Apple Pay is accepted in shops wherever you see the contactless or Apple Pay logo.

We had a chance to test it out today and while the person operating the till gave us a slightly bemused look when we asked to pay by card and held up our phone, it worked perfectly. The Wallet app even keeps detailed note of your transactions.

For full details on the service check out Apple’s site –

Joe Carlyle

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