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Sky Ireland has teamed up with innovation french audio company, Devialet, to create an extremely impressive sounding sound bar for Sky and also non Sky customers simply called ‘Sky Soundbox’. The new device is compatible with Sky Q and Sky+ boxes and standalone TVs.

The Sky Soundbox is set to launch this Autumn for the enticing price of €299 for Sky Q multi-room subscribers, €349 for for all other existing and new Sky customers and an eye-watering €949 for all non Sky customers.

We must admit, that’s a seriously good saving to make for potential new customers and, from the sounds of things (pun intended), this device sounds like it could be pretty spectacular going by some of the other products Devialet has produced.

Sky Ireland are also announcing that, later this Summer, an update will be pushed out to their Sky Q boxes to enable Dolby Atmos for anyone with the set up to be able to take advantage of this audio update. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the new Sky Soundbox supports this particular audio format.

Here are the official tech specs for the device and the official press release can be found below:

Connectivity and compatibility

1 HDMI input & output cable included

1 Optical input cable included

Bluetooth 4.1

Compatible with Dolby Digital+

Software technologies

Immersive sound processing and rendering

Real-time speaker management

Dynamic-Volume adjustment

Automatic listening modes exclusively available with Sky Q

Effective bandwidth

35 Hz – 22 kHz


37.5 cm x 21 cm x 9.5 cm


6 x 3-inch woofers in dual push-push configuration

3 x 2-inch full range drivers in 120° configuration

Closed cabinet


Approx. 4kg

Transforming the TV sound experience for customers:
Sky partners with Devialet to launch new Sky Soundbox

Incredible value for Sky customers

Sky and Devialet, one of the world’s most innovative names in audio, have joined forces to create Sky Soundbox, a new all-in-one sound system designed to take the TV viewing experience to the next level. From one single compact speaker unit, Sky Soundbox delivers powerful and immersive sound that puts the viewer at the heart of the action, with audio quality that surpasses many of the best home cinema systems available today.

Sky Soundbox combines the intelligence of Sky TV with Devialet’s ground breaking audio technologies, developed for the critically acclaimed Expert Pro amplifier and Phantom wireless speaker. This is the first time Devialet has partnered with another brand, making its unique sound available to millions of Sky customers across the UK and Ireland at great value. Together the two companies are reimagining what consumers can expect from their home TV sound experience.

Combining six woofers and three full-range speakers into a single compact device, Sky Soundbox uses the walls in the home to reflect ambient sound around the room. Devialet’s superior engineering also enables Sky Soundbox to deliver outstanding power and bass depth. The result is spatial surround sound, offering the immersive, 360 ͦ  experience normally expected from a full home cinema system, without the need for a subwoofer or extra speakers.

JD Buckley, Managing Director, Sky Ireland, commented: “Sound is a vital part of visual storytelling – whether you’re watching the season finale of your favourite drama, an epic Premier League clash or a nail biting GAA final. That’s why we’ve partnered with audio industry leaders Devialet to launch Sky Soundbox and take the TV experience to the next level for our customers. Sky Q has reinvented how people watch TV and coupled with Soundbox that experience is going to be amplified even more…literally!”

Quentin Sannié, Chief Executive, Devialet, said: “Sound is the future of television. We are very proud to be partnering with Sky, to help them to unleash the full emotional impact of their content, through powerful, immersive, fully integrated sound. This first partnership illustrates our ability to pursue Devialet’s vision to enable revolutionary experiences through audio, and bring them to the widest number of people through partnerships with like-minded companies who are looking to challenge the status quo.”

Sky Soundbox is compatible with Sky Q, Sky+ and standalone TVs. When paired with Sky Q, customers can enjoy Sky Q Sound – exclusive sound modes designed by Devialet, to automatically refine the audio for a range of Sky’s entertainment and sports. Each mode adjusts and tailors Sky Soundbox’s audio settings so entertainment can be enjoyed at its best.

In addition, Sky Soundbox offers dynamic volume management, analysing incoming audio in real time, and adjusting volume levels to ensure clarity – from quiet dialogue to explosive action. Sky Soundbox users will also be able to select a number of manual modes that best suit their needs, including:

  • Dialogue Enhance mode: ensuring speech is clear and defined
  • Late Night mode: decreasing bass and further enhancing quiet whispers
  • Kids mode: giving parents control over the maximum volume levels to protect vulnerable ears.

Sky Soundbox will go on sale this autumn, priced at €949. Current and new Sky customers will enjoy great value at €349, with new and existing Sky Q Multiscreen customers priced at €299. Customers can pre-register for the latest updates about the new product at

Introducing Dolby Atmos to Sky Q

As part of Sky’s commitment to customers the best quality home entertainment experience, Sky also announced today that those customers who have already invested in a home cinema or AV system compatible with Dolby Atmos® will soon able to enjoy the full capabilities of their speakers with Sky Q.

Dolby Atmos enhances the live sport experience with breath-taking, moving audio that flows all around the viewer, even overhead, immersing them in the action and creating cinema-quality sound at home. Following a free software update rolling out later this summer, Sky Q customers* will be able to enjoy 159 live Premier League games with Dolby Atmossound and UHD visuals.

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