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Well, with the new Xbox One X on the horizon, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Xbox will be refreshing the OS of their console building on your feedback right? Well, here is the new Xbox One Dashboard!



In terms of notable additions:

  • The entire Xbox One Dashboard has been simplified, focusing on getting you to the things you want to do, quicker than ever.
  • The guide is now navigated left to right by the bumpers on the controller and lets you do more actions with it.
  • Underneath your home screen, you’ll be able to add ‘content blocks’ – think widgets for games, services, friends and stuff you care about. On first impressions, it looks quite similar to what PS4 games offer but it’s a marked improvement. Really like the Xbox Game Pass widget!
  • The Community Tab has been refreshed, making it easier to navigate and now you can filter what posts you want to see easily.

Overall, this is the fastest Xbox One dash we’ve seen and Microsoft, on first impressions, are starting to put PlayStation’s OS to shame with the ease of use and lack of digging through multiple screens to get things done. Between this and Spotify (finally!) coming to the Xbox One, things are looking good ahead of the Xbox One X launch later this year.

If you’re a Alpha tester with Xbox then you’ll be able to try the new Xbox One Dashboard now. For the rest of us, expect this before November 9th 2017. What do you think of the new dashboard? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Xbox on YouTube

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