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This evening we had the pleasure of listening to Dr. Xu Fei Yu who is the recently appointed Vice President of Lenovo Institute of artificial intelligence laboratory research and development work. A mouthful of a title but it’s shortened down to “Head of the Lenovo AI Lab”.

Dr. Xu Feiyu, Head of AI at Lenovo

Dr. Xu explained how Lenovo is really focusing on this “hot topic” as she called it and how it will interact with all current and future areas of Lenovo’s product and services offering. We were amazed to hear that there are teams of engineers globally in the thousands with over 100 focusing specifically on AI.

The Lenovo Institute was founded in 1999 and is Lenovo’s corporate-level technology research and development institution. Lenovo Research Institute is based globally in locations such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Raleigh, Chicago, and Yokohama. In addition to the above-mentioned regions and countries, in Wuhan, Hong Kong, India, Silicon Valley, Germany, Israel and Australia also houses Lenovo R & D personnel.

At present, Lenovo Research Institute is mainly committed to artificial intelligence, intelligent equipment, large data analysis, cloud computing, 5G and intelligent life products and technology research and development.

Some of the products that have come from the AI Lab working with the R & D personnel are the SmartVest and the DaystAR Headset.

Lenovo SmartVest

The SmartVest is a 12-lead medical grade smart clothing garment that uses 10 textile sensors built into the ECG clothing to monitor cardiac activity. It records ECG signals in real time 24-hours a day and identifies abnormalities, such as tachycardia or atrial fibrillation. Athletes can use it to get accurate real-time heart rate and heart rate variability analysis via the smartphone app. The garment sends an alert when your cardiac activity becomes unsafe.

SmartVest Smartphone App

The daystAR AR/VR headset

This headset is designed for the workplace. daystAR recognizes what’s being worked on and overlays relevant virtual information. Users can manipulate objects in real time – and seek advice from colleagues worldwide by sharing what they see. We very nearly got a hands on demo with this concept product this evening but unfortunately, it arrived too late to be set up. We hope we get to test it out before the end of the weekend. We also hope to have some videos showing both of these concepts in more details that we will share on our social media channels tomorrow.

We will have some videos showing both of these concepts in more details that we will share on our social media channels over the coming days.

Levovo daystAR AR/VR headset

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