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| September 29, 2020

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REVIEW: Samsung Galaxy Note8 REVIEW: Samsung Galaxy Note8

Derek Reilly
  • On October 22, 2017

Is bigger always better? It’s a question often asked around office and I’m not so sure that this hands-on review will answer. The review will probably give you some answers to questions that you probably already knew so let’s dive right into 2 weeks with the Samsung Galaxy Note8.

Samsung Apps Edge

Samsung Apps Edge

Screen Size – Is it too big?

This will only be answered by each individual user and a trip to your local phone store is definitely on the cards before purchasing or signing up to a contract. For me, I appreciate it is a very tall phone and some smaller hands may struggle but I was very happy with the size and proportion of the device. Well weighted and with the rounded edges, it was very pleasant to hold. The handy “Apps Edge”, which is fully customisable, is handy and the stylus shortcut or “Air Command” is a secondary shortcut screen wheel is only accessible when using the stylus.


Dual Camera Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Dual Camera Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Camera or Cameras? With the recent announcement of the Pixel 2, we are starting to wonder if you really do need 2 cameras or just one with a lot of computing power behind it. This is a very capable shooter but as the price is a number of hundred more than an S8+, is it worth the difference? We took a number of pictures and the quality was excellent.

OS and is it any good? Probably the best non-stock android experience out there but it has too much bloatware for me and the dedicated Bixby button that cannot be remapped drives me silly. I really don’t know why Samsung feel the need to try and recreate the wheel. Android is and will be the OS of choice for their phone for the foreseeable future but is it a blatant play to collect data and user trends? I understand that data is everything right now but please Samsung, stick to making great phones and being a hardware provider, not a software provider. You’re playing with the big boys and I’m not sure you have what it takes to keep up with them.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Charging

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Charging

Dare we say it…Battery.  Has everyone just moved on or have Samsung still some work to do here? You can definitely see that results of the last year’s issues with the Note7. For such a large phone, does a 3300 mAh battery cut the mustard anymore? Not in my eyes but the only saving grace is the speed that the phone charges. One word, amazing. Wireless may not be as fast but also can be very handy. So if you are near a socket most of the day, you’ll be fine. In general, it didn’t eat through the battery but a 2-week test is hard to tell.

Price, is it worth it? It’s expensive, there is no other word for it and can we justify it? Personally, I can’t. I don’t think the 2 cameras would make a huge difference in my life and I don’t use the stylus enough to justify the extra cash. I’m sure Samsung have crunched the numbers and carried out market research to see if there are enough customers out there. Sure we wouldn’t be 6 years into this range if there wasn’t but I would like to see the geographical breakdown of customers and I think it would be mainly in Asia.

Verdict. A great phone, could be a little big for some and a little pricey for others.

Full specs can be found on John’s release post here



Review Overview

Operating System


A flagship extra-large smartphone. Incredible screen and a very decent camera setup along with a stylus but the price along with the smaller battery may turn some off.

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