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Following  the announcement late last month that a few of Amazon’s Echo devices (Echo Dot, Echo 2nd Gen and Echo Plus) were available to buy on for Irish users and the Alexa app for Android and iOS was also available in Ireland, Curry PC World has just announced that the full Amazon Echo Range is now available online and in-stores nationwide.

For those of you not in the know, Amazon’s Echo smart devices, powered by the Alexa assistant, are hands-free voice-controlled devices that can answer questions and can respond by completing helpful commands around the home such as turning on and off your lights or heating when paired with other smart devices. Amazon Echo connects to the Alexa Voice Service and can provide useful information on the weather, sports results, news, trivia and more.

The Echo, which is built in to the cloud, can access data on the users cloud account and smartphone, meaning you can check calendars, listen to the radio, audiobooks and music and even draft social media posts through voice-command. Amazon Echo also facilitates multi-room listening where more than one device is present.

AMAZON Echo 2nd Generation – Charcoal (Also available in Grey & Sandstone) €109.99

  • All-new Echo (2nd Gen) has a new hands free speaker, updated design, and is available in a range of styles including fabrics and wood veneers
  • Through the Alexa Voice Service, Echo lets you find and play music, ask questions about a variety of subjects, get the latest sports results, weather reports, and much more!
  • If you have an Amazon Echo in several rooms, you can command Alexa to play jazz in the kitchen, pop music in the living room, or play the same song in the entire house
  • Music functionality is available for Amazon Music, Tune in and Spotify.



AMAZON Echo Dot – White (Also available in black) €59.99

  • Offers the same skills and  features as Amazon Echo 2nd generation
  • The Dot speaker is smaller than the Echo. You hook the Dot up to your own audio setup so you can use Alexa with your existing speakers or headphones
  • Supports always-on Alexa, connects to the cloud to stream music, controls your smart home devices etc
  • Echo Dot is a fantastic way to add smart skills to another device or a different room.



AMAZON Echo Plus – Black (Also available in White) €169.99

  • Amazon Echo Plus has all the Alexa skills, but it is a much more capable smart home controller, thanks to the inclusion of Zigbee
  • Zigbee is a smart home standard used by many devices – such as Philips Hue lights
  • It allows the Echo Plus to setup and control devices without the need for a separate hub or app specific to that device
  • The Amazon Echo Plus provides superior sound quality powered by Dolby
  • This is the perfect Echo for those with an existing smart home



AMAZON Echo Spot – Black (Also available in White) €144.99

  • The Spot is an all new stylish and  compact Echo which can sit beside your bed
  • It has a small 2.5-inch screen with a front camera which can be used to make video calls, set your alarm to your getting ready song by commanding the Amazon Echo Spot to search through Spotify
  • Like the Dot, it can connect to your Bluetooth speakers, or via line-out for improved sound quality



AMAZON Echo Show – Black (Also available in White) €239.99

  • The Echo show has all the functionality as the ‘voice-only’ Amazon Echo models but with the addition of a built-in display, offering new levels of interaction
  • Browse recipe videos while making a snack and get more detailed information from your Alexa queries such as a full weather report
  • Echo Show connects to your Wi-Fi-enabled security cameras and checks your video feeds
  • Can be used to place both video and audio calls


John Reilly

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