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True wireless earphones come in all shapes and sizes. The most familiar ones out there would be the Apple Airpods. Makers of wireless earphones are doing what they can to make themselves stand out in an increasingly crowded market.



Kuaifit have been around for a little while and their newest offering is a pair of completely wireless earphones aimed at the fitness market. Let’s start off with the earphones themselves.

The design of the earphones is fairly simple. There is a single big “K” button on the side and a microUSB port on each earphone. There are silicone tips that are on the ear end of the earphones (they come with various sizes tips in the box).



Personally, I found them quite big. I’m used to ‘neater’ earphones like the Bragi Dash Pro, but then again, these are currently 1 / 10th the price of the Bragi, so I get that there reasons for the design. It’s unusual to have the microUSB port actually on the earphone as most wireless earphones come with a charging case (either with a battery built in or where the earphones are ‘docked’ to charge them). The KuaiFit come with a USB to dual microUSB cable so you can charge phone earphones at the same time.



With regards battery life, KuaiFit claim about 3 hours of battery life. Which is about average for the industry at this point in time and more than enough for most workouts. I found this claim to be quite accurate.



The main USP for the KuaiFit is their focus on the fitness market. You can load the KuaiFit app on your phone and download 100’s of exercise routines that then are pump through the earphones to help you work out better! In practice, this worked quite well. I didn’t get to try all of the routines, but the ones I did try, worked quite well. Again, they are not as advanced as other fitness earphones out there, but for the price you really can’t argue with what you’re getting!

When it comes to sound quality, I’d have to rate the KuaiFit wireless earphones just above average. I found it hard to get a good seal on the tips (no matter which ones I tried). I think it was just down to the size of the them and I couldn’t get them to sit right in my ears. When I did get a good seal, the sound was clear and not to heavy on the bass or treble.



Overall, these are decent truly wireless earphones and at a great price. If you’re looking for a good stocking filler for Christmas (yes, it’s that time of year), then you can’t go far wrong with these and it might even encourage someone to exercise in the new year!

The Kuaifit Wireless Earphones are currently on Kickstarter  – – and have an introductory price of approx €20.

You can find out more info on the Kuaifit website –


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