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| May 18, 2021

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NuraLoop is now available for pre-order

NuraLoop is now available for pre-order
John Reilly
  • On May 15, 2019

After our glowing review of the Nuraphone, Nura reveals further details of its highly anticipated NuraLoop. They’ve just confirmed that these new earphones are available for pre-order right now and they’ve a whole slew of impressive features and design choices including their innovative Nura Personalised Sound technology.

What this means (for you audio-science fans out there) is the earphones use highly sensitive microphones and advanced signal processing to monitor otoacoustic emissions (OAEs) by detecting the activity in the cochlea inside the ear to learn the frequencies that a listener may be more or less sensitive too.



This automatic test is guided by the Nura app, available for free on iOS and Android, then creates a personalised profile, uniquely visualised for each user, and stored directly on the NuraLoop.

Dragan Petrovic, Nura CEO said, “At nura, we are driven by a vision to deliver perfect sound to every individual everywhere. We are excited to make personalised sound, pioneered by the Nuraphone, available to our community even when on the move — something that has been requested by many in our community, from music fans for listening on the go-to professional musicians for performing on stage.”

You can pre-order the NuraLoop for €229 right now at with a limited 30% discount for early purchasers which first pre-orders expected to arrive by September this year.


Below is some additional info on the new NuraLoop and its various features:


Phone call quality — The NuraLoop utilises 4 highly sensitive microphones to achieve the best possible call quality.

TouchDials Controls — The TouchDials on each earphone can be dialled, tapped, or double-tapped to perform seamless combinations of useful functions including volume up/down, play, pause, skip and answering calls, giving full control to playing music on-the-go.

Active Noise Cancellation to Social Mode — Use the innovative TouchDials to go from completely silent Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) to full-awareness, you can fine-tune to suit your environment.

Wired and Wireless — Connect withBluetooth® 5 for convenience, or connect with an analog cable when listening to records or in the air. The NuraLoop can even be used as a quality in-ear monitor by a musician

Industry Leading Battery Life

Featuring industry-leading all-day battery life (16+ hours wireless on a single charge, allowing for 2 hours of playback with just 10 minutes of charge), adjustable Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) to Social Mode, which can be customised with the TouchDials. With the ability to be worn wired, with a magnetically-clipping analog cable, or used wirelessly with Bluetooth® 5.


The NuraLoop provides a supportive fit for maximum comfort and passive sound isolation. The lightweight body and ear-tip shape was determined by using cutting-edge 3D mapping technology to achieve the best fit on the widest array of ears. This rigorous testing process has resulted in three different sized tips to sit comfortably with an over-ear and a braided cable.

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