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| May 18, 2021

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REVIEW: Blood & Truth (PSVR)

John Reilly
  • On May 28, 2019

PlayStation VR’s latest exclusive has just arrived. Blood & Truth launches for Sony’s VR headset today and we’ve been playing it for the last week. In development for a couple of years, Blood & Truth can be seen as the much more substantial spiritual successor to VR World’s ‘The London Heist’ which, unsurprisingly, was developed by the same studio behind Blood & Truth, London Studio. Expected to be PSVR’s next big ‘blockbuster’ title, does it live up to the hype? Read on to find out in our review of Blood & Truth.



Set in Modern London and its outskirts (with a short sequence in the Middle East) Blood & Truth see’s you take control of Ryan Marks in what feels like an interactive James Bond/Jason Bourne film directed by Guy Ritchie with a hell of a lot more guns! Structured around ‘flashbacks’, each sequence of shootouts and negotiations help fill out the twisting narrative as you try and track down a mob boss after he tries to take control of the London underground scene.



Admittedly, there’s a few sequences when the ‘Landon’ accents are egged up a little too much but, overall, the story was engaging and keep me driving forward to see what happened next. Overall, the story clocked in around 6 hours for me which I felt was pretty decent given the productions quality of each of the sequences and the sheer scale of some of the larger set pieces.


The best way to describe how Blood & Truth plays is ‘Time Crisis for VR’. To those who were looking for full locomotion control, unfortunately, this isn’t something you can do in this title but, even though you’re technically on rails for the majority of the game, the pacing is well managed and the ability to choose between multiple coverpoints during shootouts give you a small sense of directional freedom. We used two PS Move controllers during our review of the game and they definitely helped add to the overall immersion.



Being able to whip your right or left hand toward your back to equip your larger two-handed weapon felt great and tapping your chest for additional ammo and reloading either of your guns felt equally as good. You can also do some nice little gun tricks like spinning a pistol around on your finger or balancing a magazine on top of your weapon which really makes you feel like a badass!



There are also lockpicking, terminal diffusing and CCTV controlling sequences which help break up the gunplay and all are very well executed and look the part too. Tapping the main Move buttons on both Move controllers at the same time also allows you to enter a very cool ‘bullet-time-esque’ mode which slowed everything down and allowed me to pick of enemies one by one. All of this adds up to a thoroughly enjoyable action packed experience.



There’s no multiplayer aspect to this game but there is a ‘Time Attack’ Challenge mode that will offer some replayability and we’ve also been told that a ‘New Game+’ update is coming to allow you start from the beginning with all of your unlocked content, if that’s something you’re in to.


The team at Sony’s London Studio has done a fantastic job of recreating modern day London in VR. Everything from the semi-demolished apartment blocks to the inner city highways and byways in the car chase scenes, you really feel like you’re in the heart of it all.



Another highlight of the visuals is just how good the character models and, more specifically, their facial animations are. Getting up close and personal with the various characters really shows the attention to detail London Studio has put in and the facial animations are the best I’ve seen in a VR game to date.



We were running the game on a PlayStation 4 Pro and everything looked pin sharp with some impressive anti-aliasing being used. Your character’s virtual hands were also very well modeled with life-like effects like the knuckles turning white when clenching your fists and the baby and ring fingers giving a slight but very natural looking wobble when releasing your hand from a fist. It’s tiny touches like this that made everything seem a lot more believable and realistic.The soundtrack is pretty spot on too.



Blood & Truth has been a long time coming but, taking everything into consideration, it was definitely worth the wait. Sony’s London Studio has created a proper interactive blockbuster with jaw-dropping set pieces and intuitive, addictive gunplay. Coming in at €39,99, Blood & Truth is obviously one of the more expensive VR titles but when you see the level of detail and work that’s gone into this title, you can see why.

Blood & Truth launches today for PlayStation VR and you can pick it up here.

Our review copy was sent to us by PlayStation Ireland.


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Blood & Truth has been a long time coming but, taking everything into consideration, it was definitely worth the wait. Sony's London Studio has created a proper interactive blockbuster with jaw-dropping set pieces and intuitive, addictive gunplay.

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