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| September 28, 2020

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REVIEW: Anker Roav Viva Pro

REVIEW: Anker Roav Viva Pro
  • On June 1, 2019

Anker have released one of the first Amazon Alexa enabled devices for automobiles (I’m not going to say just cars, as it will work anywhere there’s a 12v socket), and for the most part it works pretty well.


Forgive the dusty dashboard

The Hardware:

The Roav Viva Pro is very well made and looks great in any car. The top of it is pretty large and can limit where it might fit in some cars. In mine, a Renault Captur, it fits great. There is a button on the top that actives Alexa if you can’t say the word or she can’t hear you. Around the top you have the blue ‘ring’ (it’s more square but you know what I mean) and it acts the same as any other Alexa device, as in it’s blue and has a lighter blue light that circles it.



On the edge are 2 USB Ports that can fast charge your phone if it supports it. These are great and much better than some other USB chargers you can buy that barely charge your phone. There is also an Aux out option if you roll that way. After that you’ve got a standard 12v connector, which fits in pretty much every automobile.

The Software:

To use the Roav you need to download the Roav Viva app from your preferred App Store. It’s a pretty simple setup with you creating an account and searching for the Roav Unit (you need to be in the car with the power on). Once you paired with the Roav, you’ll be asked how you normally connect your phone to the car – Bluetooth, AUX or USB Cable. There is also the option to connect via FM Radio, i didn’t get to try this out, but I’ve heard it works great.



I connect mostly via USB so I can have Android Auto running, so that’s what I went with. In the settings you can also set your preferred Navigation provider – Google Maps or Waze – for the car I’m more a Waze type of person for driving.

This option worked great. All I had to do is ask Alexa to navigate home, and it would pop up on my cars display with Waze running and getting me home. Most other Alexa commands work as expected, like I can just ask Alexa to turn on the Porch light when I’m coming into the drive late and it will come on! It’s super handy to be able to do that in the car.



One huge disappointment about the Roav Viva Pro is that it doesn’t work with Spotify. This would be one of the main reasons I would use a voice control and use my all Amazon Alexa devices to listen to music through Spotify. Hopefully this will be sorted sooner rather than later.



The Wrap Up:

Over all, if you want Alexa in your car, then this is probably the best way to go about it. The Roav Viva Pro picked up my voice pretty much every time, charged phones quickly and looks great. What more can you ask for in a device that makes your car more connected, right?

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Oh, if only it had Spotify connection it'd be a 10/10

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