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| September 30, 2020

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REVIEW: My Skin Track UV from La Roche-Posay

  • On July 8, 2019

We were recently sent a review sample of the new UV tracker from the skincare company, La Roche-Posay and the timing was perfect as I was about to go on holidays with my family to Majorca. 

What is it?

The My Skin Track UV is a tiny little device that measures UV exposure, pollen, pollution, heat and humidity in real-time and provides personalized information to help you improve your healthy skin habits. It’s completely sealed and doesn’t require any batteries, which is great! You communicate with it via NFC built into your phone. You basically tap your phone against the tag and it sends the information to the companion app. Other than that, as long as you’re wearing it, then it’s going to be tracking all that for you. 

While on holidays, I had it on my daughter for the first day when she was in the pool (you can see I clipped it onto her collar). This didn’t work out exactly as expected as my daughter was pretty much covered head to toe with swimming gear that’s Factor 50+, so at then end of day 1, the tracker didn’t register any UV exposure (it’s good to know that the SPF clothes we had actually worked).

From then on either myself or my wife would clip it onto our clothes to track our exposure and it was really interesting to find out what was going on. For example, we went to the pool at 10am one morning and by 11:30 we had already reached our UV exposure for the day (yes, we had our SPF on as well), but it was good to know that even in the early morning sun you can reach your exposure limits pretty quickly. 

The pollen tracking is great to know as well, especially since we’re at peak hayfever season right now and we’re all a bit bunged up with it. So know the pollen levels is a great thing as we knew there was times of the day where we were better off inside than suffering with exaggerated hayfever.

The App:

The app is obviously key to this whole thing. It works on iPhone and Android devices. The setup process was pretty quick. You give it some details, select your skin type from the available options and let it know where you’ll be clipping it onto. Once it has that, it reminds you every so often to tap the tracker to get the latest updates. The info transferred from the tag to the app within a couple of seconds and you can see in the screenshots below how it tracked it over the course of a few days.

The app also give helpful tips on what to do when the UV Index is reporting higher than normal and info on pollution and what levels are safe. 

The Wrap Up:

I’ve found the info that the tracking is collecting incredibly informative and useful, especially when you’re concerned about your or your families exposure to the sun and other elements. I did find myself keeping track of how long we were in the sun and adjusting our times so that we were not out in the sun as long as we would typically be. At €64.95 it’s not beyond the reach of those who do want to keep informed like I did. It’s available at now (even though it does work with Android phones as well).

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