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We recently got the new Anker Soundcore Icon Mini to review and the timing was perfect. I was about to head off on holiday and it was the perfect situation to try out its waterproof qualities. The Soundcore Mini is a fantastic little bluetooth speaker that produces a way better sound than its little build would let you think! 



The speaker is built with a tough but smooth rubber shell which is great to keep it grippy when it’s wet. The speaker cover is made of metal and is built to withstand many knocks (and my 20 month old toddler put that to the test and there’s not a mark on the speaker). 



It can be completely submerged in water for up to 30 mins (at 1 meter), so while you most likely won’t be doing that, it means it’s perfect for the poolside, on the beach or in the shower (where I found the most use for it as you can see from the pic below).



The sound from a single Icon Mini is great, but one of the neat features of the range is you can pair two of them wirelessly together and get wireless stereo speakers. This is a really great idea for when you need a bit extra sound to get the party going (you could have one at either end of the garden, or place around the room to really fill it out with sound.



I found the connection flawless and had great range. The battery life was great as well as I was getting about 8 hours off a single (3 hour) charge. So you can go all day listening to music and not worry about it running out of battery. There’s also the option to connect to the speaker via 3.5mm Aux jack, that could extend the battery life even further.

We received the orange colour for our review unit, but it’s also available in a few other colours (Black, Blue and Red). Retailing for just over £30/€35 on Amazon, this speaker is an absolute bargain, especially given the sound quality, battery life and ruggedness.

You can pick up a Soundcore Icon Mini on Amazon via this link.


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