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Sky Ireland has just launched new a child safety controls app for their home broadband and phones. The ‘Broadband Buddy’ controls will let parents to turn off internet access to a child’s phone or tablet whether their at home or not. 

On top of this, parents will be able to set time limits for online use on these devices and choose specific apps that their child can access. The service is free for Sky Broadband customers and it can be activated using your Sky ID.

Speaking at the launch of the service, Sarah Jennings, Marketing Director, Sky Ireland, said: “At Sky, we connect families to content they love so it is our responsibility to make sure they can do this safely. Sky Broadband Buddy is an easy way to manage and monitor children’s internet usage, and pausing the internet is a great way to ensure you can enjoy family time free from screen time – for both children and adults!”

Sky Broadband Buddy will join Sky’s suite of existing products and services which ensure children’s safety both online and when watching TV. This includes Sky Kids Safe Mode for Sky Q and the dedicated Sky Kids app, both of which create an age appropriate, protected TV viewing environment.




The system works using a virtual private network (VPN) which takes over online access to the phone or tablet, whether it is on the home wifi network or using a mobile network outside the house.

The Sky Broadband Buddy app works across iOS and Android devices and all mobile phone networks. The app allows parents to monitor family online internet usage, including internet history. Devices are connected to the Sky Broadband Buddy app using a QR code and the app includes location tracking. Parents will be notified on their own device if children uninstall Sky Buddy

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