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Launched last year, the Master & Dynamic MW07 True Wireless Earphones have been around for quite some time now. Since then, M&D have been refreshing the line up with new eye-catching colour options for the earphones. The model we got to test out were their understated Piano Black colour option which we’re a fan of but we’re also liking the look of their more quirky colours including Grey Terazzo accetate.



The MW07 is one of the few true wireless earbuds with such unique design elements, even the Red Dot agrees and awarded it as a winner in 2019.



Equally striking is the hand-polished stainless steel charging case which fortunately comes well-protected with a thick canvas pouch for excellent protection even when tossed inside a carrying bag. The flawless shine only lasts so long though as it’s quite the fingerprint magnet. Speaking of which, there are no magnets to hold the earbuds on the case, so you can just turn over the case to remove the earbuds.



The silicone “fit wings” are one of the most elaborately designed I have seen for earbuds. Instead of just a single flap to hook the ears, the MW07 has 8 mini fins to hold on to the ear walls. They also protect the inward-facing earbud area. The earbuds are IPX4 water rated, which is good enough for sports use.



The MW07 is connected to one another via near field magnetic induction, or NFMI, instead of Bluetooth. The right earbud is permanently assigned as the master earbud, receiving audio data from your phone or laptop before sending to the left earbud.

The right earbud has a single metal button to control playback and track changes, while the left earbud has a volume rocker to control only volume. Both of these controls are sturdy and have a reassuring click to them so definitely know you’ve clicked them which is better than many other earbuds dodgy swipe controls.



When you remove the left earbud, the NFMI is broken and the earbuds will automatically pause the music. When it detects both earbuds are in close proximity, it will resume playback.

Battery life is rated at 3.5 hours for the earbuds, with the charging case offering 3 additional charges, totalling 14 hours on the go. Charging is via USB-C cable and there are 3 colour LEDs at the front of the case which tells you the battery life of both the buds and the case itself with green meaing full, orange showing around 75& to 25% battery and red showing less than 25% battery left.


Sound Quality

As a company, Master & Dynamic’s reputation can be boiled down to two things, the striking design of its products and their audio quality. The MW07’s, M&D’s first foray into the wireless earbuds market, come with extremely large 10mm Beryllium drivers that produce extremely deep and powerful bass and also strong treble performance.

The sound profile of these buds should definitely please casual music listeners who also want high fidelity sound and clear vocal performances.

When listening to heavier EDM tracks, the bass can become pretty intense but you’re still able to pick out the higher track notes so it doesn’t sound too muddled. The MW07’s definitely have more exciting treble and bass on a whole for the majority of music genres, compared to the likes of the Jabra Elite Active 65t’s.

Also. when compared to the RHA TrueConnect buds, the MW07’s offer slightly better details in treble instrumentation, and the support of apt-X audio code, the sound is generally much cleaner with much less compression artifacts.

Throughout my review, I also didn’t suffer from any significant audio dropouts when connected to my Huawei P30 Pro. Transmitted over Bluetooth 4.2, I was very impressed with how stable the connection was, even in congested city centre areas where there are a lot of competing Bluetooth signals from other people’s devices.


The Master & Dynamic MW07 True Wireless Earphones are the best wireless earbuds I’ve used to date and are my go-to pair right now. They work flawlessly with my smartphone. Opening the case, popping them in and connecting them to my phone is as seamless as it should be. Their design is also understated yet helps them stand out from the crowd. Bass and treble quality from the 10mm drivers is fantastically rich and well rounded. All round, these are a great sounding pair of wireless earbuds with design chops to match.



The Master & Dynamic MW07 True Wireless Earphones cost €299 and can be bought from

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