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When I got my hands on a pair of Master & Dynamics first entry into the true wireless earphones market, the MW07s, they really stood out from all the other earbuds I had reviewed with their impressively punchy sound and simple yet effective controls. It’s been almost a year since that model was first released and now we have two new MW07 earphones, the more feature-packed Plus model coming in at a slightly higher €299, and the active-orientated Go at €199. Our full review of Master & Dynamic’s pair of new true wireless earbuds can be found below.

The MW07 Plus in Steel Blue

Design & Build Quality

Both earphones take most of their design cues from the original MW07 earbuds with a few slight changes. The earbuds now have 3 terminals for charging and the proximity sensor has been relocated. Both earpieces on the Plus resemble the right MW07 bud as they both can now be used as standalone earbuds for listening to music and taking calls and both sides pack a sensor and dual beamforming mics.



Like the original MW07, The Go retains a single mic setup on the right earbud, however, it too is a beamforming model which, when comparing to the original model’s omnidirectional set up, definitely offers substantially improved call quality.

The Go makes more radical changes to the overall shape of the earphone, with Master & Dynamic managing to take 1.5mm off the height and 1mm off the thickness to provide a 15% reduction in overall size.

The acetate faceplates have also been replaced with primary coloured forms of composite plastic that also contributes to a 15% weight reduction as well. These numbers may sound insignificant on paper, however, with more rounded edges on top, the Go feels substantially smaller in the ear and less subject to wiggling loose during workouts or running.



Their charging case is also a lot more compact and has an stylish fabric knit finish, similar to Sennheiser’s True Momentum earbuds charging case. The MW07 Plus’s more striking stainless steel case has also been upgraded from the original and now has dual magnet hinge to helps keep the lid closed more securely.



One thing I’m happy that hasn’t been changed from the original is the 10mm Beryllium driver which can be found in both the Plus and Go models. They’ve also added support for the higher quality Bluetooth 5.0 standard and Apt-X is on board as well.

Both earphones are also water-resistant with the more sport-orientated Go implementing a higher IPX6 rating where the Plus offers IPX5 resistance.



One difference we did notice between the MW07 and the new Plus and Go models, when it comes to build quality, was their buttons felt slightly mushier so our presses didn’t feel as responsive as we were used to with the original model. A very small observation during my review period but one I thought I’d mention.

Sound Quality

In my review of the MW07 earbuds, I stated they were my favourite truly wireless earbuds to date and this was largely due to their “extremely deep and powerful bass and also strong treble performance.”

With the new Plus and Go models, looking at the specs, you’d imagine they would sound pretty identical to the original MW07s. However, having used both for quite a while now, Master & Dynamic have definitely tweaked things to offer even better sounding overall audio quality. Both pairs definitely have more clarity and balance across the board and the bass is actually cleaner and not as all-encompassing as the originals. Vocals sound clear and direct whilst still sounding natural and the highs offer even more headroom, for such small earbuds anyway.



The Plus does go one step further when it comes to audio quality though and that’s because they offer Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and also an ‘Ambient Listening Mode.’ Understandably, the ANC capabilities of these small earbuds are no match for the likes of Sony’s over-ear WH-1000XM3 Headphones but, when turned on (by holding down the Volume Down button) they definitely remove a lot of the lower end ambient sounds like car engines. Highs still make their way through but not as much as when the setting is disabled.

With ANC on, it allows you to reduce the volume that bit more so it also helps with keeping your audio levels in a more comfortable area. That being said, with the seal you can create with the various silicone tips and wings, I was already able to great some great noise isolation so didn’t really need to have the volume too loud in the first place.

The Ambient Listening Mode, which is enabled by holding down the Volume Up button, activates the external mics to allow voices and other ambient sounds through so you’re not completely isolated from the goings-on around you.


With the original MW07’s packing an acceptable if a little underwhelming 3.5 hours of battery life, many users were happy with this offering from such a compact pair of earbuds. Now, with both the MW07 Plus and, the even smaller MW07 Go, Master & Dynamic has performed some sort of witchcraft and managed to pack 10 hours of battery life into both pairs of earbuds. The Plus’s battery case will also give you an additional 3 charges, bringing their overall battery life to an astonishing 40 hours while the smaller Go charging case adds an additional 12 hours of charge, bringing their total to a respectable 22 hours.



Having been jumping between both pairs of earbuds, we’re blown away but the MW07 Plus’s longevity and we found ourselves being able to stop stressing about whether they’ll get through a few days and became more worried about if they’d last a few weeks! The MW07 Go’s reduced charging case capacity did have us looking to top it up a bit more but, with their 10 hours of battery life in the earbuds themselves, we had no issue getting through a number of days before connecting the case up to charge.



I’m honestly shocked at how Master & Dynamic managed to improve so much on an already fantastic pair of earbuds. The tripling of battery life is huge and makes the MW07 Plus one of the leaders on the current market.

They’ve also managed to improve overall call quality and noise isolation, especially on the dual mic, Active Noise Cancellation Plus model which makes them one of the most feature-rich truly wireless earbuds on the market. Meanwhile, the Go, which are more compact, are for those looking for a sport-orientated offering and, come in €100 less but do lose some of the more impressive features found on the Plus model.



Overall, The MW07 Plus and MW07 Go are two extremely impressive sets of true wireless earphones from Master & Dynamic and should definitely be at the top of your list when checking out what’s on offer when it comes to wireless earbuds.


You can pick up a pair of the MW07 Plus for €299 and the MW07 Go for €199 in a variety of colours at

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