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| September 30, 2020

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Huawei hosts first Developer Conference in London - €23.5M offered to developers to build apps for its new OS

Huawei hosts first Developer Conference in London  – €23.5M offered to developers to build apps for its new OS
John Reilly
  • On January 17, 2020

Huawei hosted its first developer day in London on Wednesday where it announced a £20 million (€23.5 million) investment to entice British and Irish app developers to make apps for its own Huawei App Gallery.

This announcement can be seen as a direct result of the Trump administration ban on Huawei after they were added on the “entity list”, forcing US companies to seek permission before they can do business with the company. This ban affected Huawei’s use of Google’s Android operating system and, more specifically, the apps that run on top of the system.

Google had to remove the licensed version of their Android OS from new Huawei devices so last September’s Huawei Mate 30 handset has only launched in Huawei’s homeland of China with no sign of an international release on the horizon.

Wednesday’s announcement and event is Huawei’s effort to start to build up a respectable Android alternative of their own and the cash incentive will hopefully have the major app developers port their popular apps to Huawei’s ecosystem so users outside of China can have access to their favourite apps on a ‘Google-less’ Huawei device.

Huawei also highlighted how they only take a 15 percent revenue cut from its developers, a direct jab at the likes of Google and Apple who apply a 30 per cent tax on income made on their respective app stores.

Anson Zhang, Managing Director of HUAWEI UK’s Consumer Business Group commented: “Today’s announcement concerning our Huawei Mobile Services offering, highlights our ongoing commitment and support for UK and Irish businesses and developers. In recent years we have grown significantly and owe our success to the consumers and partners who have chosen and believed in us.

“As a sign of that support and commitment to the UK and Irish market, we have announced our £20 million investment plan to recognise and incentivise our partners; so that jointly we can build an outstanding ecosystem together. Ultimately, we envision an all-scenario intelligent consumer experience for the future of HUAWEI Mobile Services and will provide businesses and developers with the opportunity to reach new audiences, expand and monetise, as they prepare for the fully connected world.”

Right now, the selection of popular apps available through Huawei’s app store remains slim compared to Google’s own Play Store. The likes of Amazon, Snapchat, TikTok, and Fortnite are available through the App Gallery, but otherwise there are few popular apps. Hopefully this announcement and cash incentive will see lots more popular apps make their way to Huawei’s App Gallery.

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