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| September 30, 2020

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REVIEW: Amazon Echo Flex

REVIEW: Amazon Echo Flex
  • On January 17, 2020

We’ve reviewed a few of the Echo devices in the past, so we won’t get into Alexa and how she works in this review. If you want to find out more about that, you can check out our other reviews HERE to see how the Echo’s can integrate into your smart home setup. 



The Amazon Echo Flex is a new type of device recently released by Amazon. Its the cheapest in the Echo lineup, and aimed a getting an Echo device into every room / area of your home.  Most other Echos you have a speaker and the power supply that you need to figure out how to place around your home. With the Echo Flex, it’s an all in one device, you literally plug the flex into the wall and that’s it. So anywhere you have power socket, you can now have a smart speaker. 



It’s a neat looking device that is more compact that it looks. On the bottom of the Flex is a USB Port. This can be used for a number of things, obviously, for charging anything that uses a USB cable can be charged off it. BUT Amazon have also released a couple of plugin units for it, they are a night light and a motion sensor (that you can have trigger other actions in your home when motion is detected. These are great little options to extend the functionality of the device. 



The Echo Flex does have a speaker, but it’s really not for listening to music, I mean you can, but you really shouldn’t! The speaker in the Echo Flex is really more to hear the replies from Alexa than anything else, and it’s perfectly fine for that. 



I’ve had the Echo Flex setup in my spare room while I’ve been testing it. And it’s been perfect for that room. We don’t spend alot of time in there, but it’s great to be able to control the various lights and set reminders from pretty much any room in the house now. All my Echo’s are also linked to my Ring doorbell, so no matter what room I’m in we can hear when there’s someone at the front door.

The Amazon Echo Flex is a nice addition to the range. It’s available on for £24.99, making it the most affordable Echo in the lineup and a perfect addition to the places in your home where you don’t need a full Echo speaker.

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