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| September 30, 2020

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REVIEW: Echo Dot with Clock

REVIEW: Echo Dot with Clock
  • On January 20, 2020

We’ve reviewed a few of the Echo devices in the past, so we won’t get into Alexa and how she works in this review. If you want to find out more about that, you can check out our other reviews HERE to see how the Echo’s can integrate into your smart home setup. 

The Echo Dot with Clock is based on the 3rd Gen Echo Dot and I have to say they are a HUGE upgrade over the 2nd Gen Dot’s as the sound from the 2nd gen units are pretty terrible. It was grand for listening to the radio, but that’s about it and the volume didn’t get very loud. 

The 3rd Gen Dot’s are in a different league. First off, visually, they look way better. The fabric finish and choice of colours really does mean they will fit in to most living spaces and look good there. In the case of the Echo Dot with Clock, this really has been built for the bedroom, and that’s where I’ve been testing it for the past couple of weeks. 

The Echo Dot with clock makes a fantastic bedside clock. The display is very clear and can get dim enough to not keep you awake at night. The dot matrix display also shows some answers if you ask if specific questions – e.g. if you ask for the weather, it will show you the temperature on the display as well as saying it, which is nice. 

Obviously, being really good as a bedside clock means it can, and should be, used as an Alarm clock and it’s a seriously good one at that. To snooze the alarm, you can just tap anywhere on the top of it (or just tell Alexa to snooze the alarm if you’re feeling ultra lazy). As with all Echo’s you can wake up to an Alarm tone, or any music you want to, which is a nice option to have. 

The sound from the 3rd Gen Dot’s is great. It really is quite bassy and fills a good sized bedroom easily. So if you like to listen to the radio or spotify while you’re getting ready to go out / in the morning, then this is the perfect companion for that.

Over all, I highly recommend the Echo Dot with Clock. It’s a great combination device and if you can find one (they are like hens teeth at the moment), then I would definitely pick one up assuming you’re in the market for a new bedside clock / smart speaker. 

The Amazon Echo Dot with Clock is available on for £59.99.

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