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Smart bulbs are everywhere. So how does a company or product stand out in this crowded market while still offering something worthwhile and even pretty innovative? Enter the LIFX Beam. There’s no denying that smart lighting is one of the easiest ways to give your home a fresh look and get the place ready for a party, movie night or whatever you want. It’s also great to be able to change the colours on the fly to match the mood you’re trying to set.


LIFX Beam packaging





The LIFX Beam comes with six beams and one corner where you can connect two light beams to make 90 degrees display. Also, LIFX provides all the cables you need to get started and even provides power adaptors for each country, which is pretty decent of them! The connection cable is long enough, so if your power connector is not in the ideal place – the wire should cover most room setups.


LIFX Beam box contents


LIFX’s products usually offer a unique style and the LIFX Beam is no different. There is only one cable needed thanks to the magnet power system that allows you to connect each Beam without a cable, a big plus if you’re apartment is already congested with speaker and power cables (like mine.)


LIFX Beam strips rear


When attaching the lighting to the wall, you can peel off the tape on the Command Strips at the back and place the lights wherever you like.


LIFX Beam light example


The Beam sections themselves are very lightweight, helping to ensure they will stay in place, on the wall or ceiling or wherever you decide to place them. Also, the cable that connects to the lights for power is connected via magnets which is a nice little touch to keep things as simple as possible for set up.


LIFX Beam connection points

Controls & App

LIFX makes it possible to directly connect to the Beam kit via their app which allows you to control pretty much all aspects of the device and its features. For example, you can paint on the Beam with your fingers to add color to a specific place. You can also set times so the light will wake you up and set moods with all their built-in pre-sets.


LIFX Beam light example


A feature I’m a very big fan of is the built in like a lot is the built in voice assistant support and the LIFX Beam connects with them all including Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant & Microsoft Cortana. You can even dive deeper with its Nest, SmartThings, and IFTTT integrations to make custom triggers based on other electronics.


LIFX Beam App


I hooked my LIFX Beam kit up to my Google Assistant so I can easily request to have the light switch on and off, control its brightness and tweak with a few of its other settings, all without having to touch my phone or the app.


LIFX Beam App


The LIFX Beam kit is a great addition if you’re looking to add that bit of extra flair to your smart home. Its customisation options and streamlined set up process makes this an easy recommendation for anyone who wants to add a splash of interactive colour to any room of the house.

The LIFX Beam is available for €199 on the official LIFX website.


LIFX Beam packaging open

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