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| April 19, 2021

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Say hello to the €650 smart toothbrush - the Oral-B iO

Say hello to the €650 smart toothbrush – the Oral-B iO
John Reilly
  • On August 20, 2020

With absolutely everything getting the ‘smart’ upgrade, Oral-B has been creating their own brand of smart toothbrushes over the last few year’s with today’s new announcement their most advanced model yet. the Oral-B iO 9 Series packs as much tech as you can imagine into well, a toothbrush-sized device, and boy does it sound comprehensive.

Oral-B iO toothbrush and case

Main Features

A quick overview on precisely what this smart toothbrush can do:

  • 3D teeth tracking via the Oral-B app so you can monitor your entire mouth
  • Smart pressure sensor – stops you brushing too hard or too soft
  • LED colour display – the first of its kind on a toothbrush
  • 2 minute timer – with rewards on perfect completion
  • Magnetic charger – charges in 3 hours, 2 week battery
  • 7 smart modes – daily clean, sensitive, super sensitive, intense (similar to a pro or deep clean), whiten, gum care and tongue clean.
  • A.I Brushing recognition gum guard and refill reminder

When it comes to accessories for your new smart toothbrush, you can expect the following:

  • Charging travel case
  • Charger
  • Refill case

The Oral-B iO Series 9 electric toothbrush is six years in the making, with 250 patents worldwide. Said to be ‘inspired by precious metals and stones’, you can get it in ‘onyx black’, ‘rose quartz’ and, as you’d imagine, a ‘pearly white’ colour option.

The Oral-B iO also claims to act as your own personal dental hygienist, complete with daily coaching to help you achieve and maintain a glowing smile.

Oral-B iO Display

The built in display (yes, it has its own colour display) also shows friendly little messages like ‘Hello, ‘Good Morning’ & ‘Good Night’ which is meant to make the device more personable and push owners to be more inclined to improve your built-in toothbrushing behaviour.

As you’d imagine, you can link the toothbrush to the official Oral-B app on your phone to keep track of your progress. It also lets you pull up your brushing data summary after each guided brushing session and view your brush score to quickly see just how well you did.

Oral-B iO App

Pricing & Availability

The Oral-B iO Series 9 has an RRP of €649.99 and is available on Amazon and and in-store now.

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