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Lenovo has just unveiled their newest consumer products for the upcoming Christmas period with some nice additions to their Yoga and Legion line of laptops along with a brand new premium OLED Android tablet. They also announced a new Google Assistant-enabled ‘Smart Clock Essential’ which is sure to be a popular choice for those of you looking for a Google smart speaker with a little bit more to give than the Nest Mini. Below is more information on each of the new products that were revealed today.

Lenovo Yoga 9i

The Lenovo Yoga 9i is the company’s latest flagship ultraportable convertible laptop and comes in two screen sizes, 14″ and 15″. One of the standout features is the option to choose an ‘authentic leather’ covering that we were told takes a ’20 step process’ to bind the two together.


Lenovo Yoga 9i Leather Cover


The Yoga 9i also has an innovative ‘Edge to Edge glass palm rest’ with a ‘smart sensor haptic touchpad’ which basically means there’s no physical trackpad or buttons to click and the entire center section of the palm rest is ‘clickable’ with a haptic feedback confirming your clicks.

This is reminiscent of Apple’s ‘haptic feedback’ trackpads in their newer MacBook models but Lenovo have gone and removed the actually trackpad itself and cover the entire palm rest in glass.


Lenovo Yoga 9i (both models)


There is also a built in (or ‘garaged’) pen which has an elastomer nib to improve responsiveness and overall feel when using the stylus. The pen itself is charged when docked in the laptop and we were told that just 15 minutes of charge can give you 40 minutes of drawing/writing time.


Lenovo Yoga 9i Pen


For their displays, both models boast Dolby Vision support along with 500 nits of brightness. They’re also pretty ‘borderless’ looking with a screen to body ratio of 90.5%.

For you audiophiles out there, the Yoga 9i range also supports Dolby Atmos with their innovative ‘rotating sound bar’ which also acts as the hinge and has been upgraded to deliver even better sound.

Both laptops are Project Athena Certified from Intel and when it comes to heat dissipation, Lenovo have drilled thermal holes behind the keyboard to help keep things cool.

When it comes to battery life, the 14″ Yoga 9i is said to last up to 18 hours but we’ll need to but it through its paces ourselves to see if this claim stands up. Both laptops also support rapid charging which we are happy to see becoming more mainstream.

The 14″ Lenovo Yoga 9i convertible laptop will start at €1799 for the leather covered model and the 15-inch all-metal model will start at €1999 and both are expected to be available starting in October.

The Yoga 9i will be available in all-metal and multiple colors, including warm Mica on the 14″ and Slate Grey on the 15″ model.


Lenovo Yoga Slim 9i

As you’ve probably guessed, the Yoga Slim 9i is a thinner version of the above laptop but doesn’t come with the convertibility option so the screen is not full rotatable. With its aluminum body, the Yoga Slim 9i measures just 13.9mm thick and weighs 1.2Kg, which is pretty impressive.


Lenovo Yoga Slim 9i


The Slim model does come with the edge to edge glass palm rest and smart sensor haptic trackpad and there’s also a physical switch on the right on site of the device to disconnect power to the webcam, for the security and privacy conscious folk. (this can be found on the Yoga 9i models also)

The Slim 9i display options go all the way up to 4K HDR with the same Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision support like its bendable siblings.

The Lenovo Yoga Slim 9i will start at €1899 and is expected to be available starting in November.


Lenovo Yoga Slim 9i close up

Lenovo Legion Slim 7i

Following on with the ‘slimming’ trend, Lenovo also announced a trimmed down version of their 7i gaming laptop in the form of the Lenovo Legion Slim 7i. The Legion Slim 7i comes with a 15.6″ display that’s available in multiple variations including FHD/60hz, FHD/144hz and 4K/60hz. Lenovo claims it’s the world’s lightest gaming laptop with Nvidia’s RTX graphics capabilities on-board coming in at 1.86kg. More specifically, it’s Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 2060 with Max-Q Design processor so you can expect some extremely impressive visuals being powered by this laptop.


Lenovo Legion Slim 7i RGB Keyboard


With such an impressive graphics card, you must be wondering, “what’s the battery life going to be like?”. Lenovo claimed they ran the new Slim model under an ‘intense’ GPU load and managed to get 9 hours of battery life from the device. Again, this is something we’d love to test ourselves but, if true, that’s pretty impressive given the powerful graphics card being used here.

They also highlighted the ‘Dynamic Boost’ mode which automatically enables real-time GPU and CPU power balancing, allowing your system to dynamically shift power from the CPU to the GPU during heavy-duty activities like gaming.

When it comes to heat management, we were told about their new Lenovo Legion Coldfront 2.0. Which has new machine-drilled holes just above the keyboard to make the overall air intake system 31 percent larger and up to 115 percent more airflow going to the CPU and GPU than in previous generations.

The 15″ Lenovo Legion Slim 7i will start at €1299 and is expected to be available starting October 2020.


Lenovo Legion Slim 7i (1)


Lenovo Tab P11 Pro

Lenovo also unveiled their most powerful and premium consumer Android tablet to date in the from of the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro, which can be seen as a direct competitor to Samsung’s newest Galaxy Tab S7+.




Packing an 11.5″ 2K OLED display that supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision, it also has four JBL tuned speakers, one on each corner, optimized by Dolby Atmos. The bezels are 6.9mm on all four sides and is just 7.7mm at its thickest point.


Lenovo Tab S11 Pro (1)


Like the Galaxy Tab S7+, there’s an optional keyboard and pen with battery life said to come in at around 15 hours of usage from a full charge. Under the hood, the tablet is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdrago 730G processor and there’s ‘Zero-Touch’ log in with the dual front facing cameras allowing you to unlock the device with your face. For that extra level of security, there’s also a side-mounted fingerprint scanner as well.


Lenovo Tab P11 Pro Fingerprint scanner


They’ve also include background blurring for a number of apps (that don’t support it natively) for any important work webcalls you might look to do on the new device.




The Lenovo Tab P11 Pro will start at €699 and is expected to be available from November.



Lenovo Smart Clock Essential

Finally, Lenovo announced their new Smart Clock Essential, a connected digital smart clock that packs Google Assistant support. Following on from their original Lenovo Smart Clock, the company has stripped featured back to make the device even more affordable will still offering the full voice support for Google Assistant.

Up front, there’s a large LED display, much like an old bedside clock in its appearance, that should be viewable from anywhere in the room and you can also set the alarm using the physical buttons on the device or by using your voice.


Lenovo Smart Clock Essential


There’s also an integrated night light at the back of the clock and a USB Type A port for charging your devices. Internally, there’s a 3W speaker which should be more than enough for issuing Google responses and some music but you have the option to group multiple devices together if you find the sound to be a bit lacking.

The Lenovo Smart Clock Essential will start at €59.99 and is expected to be available starting in September.


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