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In our latest EV Review Ireland videos, myself and Blake from EV Life Ireland take a drive to the source of the Liffey in two different generations of the Nissan LEAF.

The LEAF has become an emblematic car in the movement to electrify transport. Nissan have sold about half a million of these cars worldwide, and more than half of the electric cars on Irish roads are Nissan LEAFs.

In the 1st episode, Blake Boland of EV Life Ireland joins Derek Reilly from EV Review Ireland. They drive Blake’s old LEAF and Derek’s newest LEAF up the Wicklow mountains to see how the older LEAF compares to the latest version with a much bigger battery and some more advanced technology.



In part 2, Derek reviews the latest and greatest LEAF with the 62kWh battery pack. Derek is reviewing the SVE version. This battery size has a stated range of 385 km (WLTP) and Derek was achieving between 340 km and 350km.


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Blake has become an EV enthusiast since buying his Nissan LEAF in early 2018. He writes on Electric Vehicles and the broader movement to electrify transport. You can find him on Twitter and Instagram

Derek and EV Review Ireland are also on Twitter

This review was shot fully in 4K.

Equipment used

Canon M6 MII

DJI Mavic Air 2

Rode Wireless GO

GoPro Hero 8 Black

Derek Reilly

EV Contributor at TheEffect.Net - Founder of the Ireland's №1 EV YouTube channel EV Review Ireland - Set up the Dublin EV Owners Club - Working in Sales - Mayo man in Dublin

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