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| April 19, 2021

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Samsung Ireland officially unveils the €2099 Galaxy Z Fold2 5G

Samsung Ireland officially unveils the €2099 Galaxy Z Fold2 5G
John Reilly
  • On September 1, 2020

After giving fans a sneak peak of their new foldable smartphone/tablet hybrid device back at Galaxy Unpacked last month, Samsung has finally made the Galaxy Z Fold2 official. The device, which is technically Samsung’s 3rd fold-able smartphone, if you include the Galaxy Z Flip, is a definite improvement over last year’s model with enlarged screens, both on the inside and out and a number of other new features and software tweaks that actual seem to justify its astronomical €2,099 asking price. Below is a breakdown of the key specs and features of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2.


Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2


The first gen Galaxy Fold got a bit of flack for its noticeably small outer display and the large cutout on the device’s inner display, which housed the ‘selfie’ camera along with a few other sensors. Samsung appeared to have gone back to the drawing board and really upgraded the overall appearance of both displays on the new device.


Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 Cover Screen


The outer ‘Cover Screen’ has been enlarged from 4.6″ to a much more respectable 6.2″ with Infinity-O Selfie camera cutout but the resolution is still quite low at 816 x 2260, given the increase in overall display size. The inner display has also been scaled up to 7.6″ from 7.3″ with a PPI of 372 along with having its bezels reduced by 27%.

They’ve also upped the refresh rate to 120hz, more in line with the recent Galaxy Note20 Ultra, but again, it’s ‘adaptive’ so it won’t be on all the time. Peak brightness for the displays sits around the 800/900nit mark and the internal display has also had the giant notch removed for a much less noticeable hole punch lens.


There’s been some slight upgrades to the devices 5 cameras with the triple camera set up on the rear of the device offering three 12MP sensors, one for ultra wide shots, one for the main sensor and one for the 2x optical zoom. The 8MP depth sensor has actually been removed from the internal screen (to keep the number and size of punch holes to a minimum) with the single 10MP Selfie sensor the same as last year’s mode. The same goes for the cover screen’s Selfie camera which is the same 10MP sensor.


Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 (3)


Battery & Specs

Thankfully, Samsung has upgraded the battery from 4,235mAh in the original Galaxy Fold to a 4,500mAh cell which should help keep the larger displays going for longer. Powering everything is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+, similar to what’s found in the US variant of the new Galaxy Note20 handsets. There’s also 256GB storage and 12GB RAM. The device weighs 282g in total which is definitely hefty but I guess you’re getting a smartphone and tablet in one device.

Additional Features

The fingerprint scanner is still mounted on the side of the device instead of embedded in the cover screen but we imagine this is due to the unique form factor of this particular device and for users who might want to unlock the device when it’s fully unfolded.

Samsung also highlighted the new ‘dual speakers’ set up for a much better stereo effect, which should hopefully be good for watching media on the device’s larger fold-able display. App Continuity also makes a return so it’s just as easy to jump from an open app on the cover screen to a larger full screen version on the inner display.

Stepping things up, you’ll now be able to open the same app twice so as to compare them side by side, be it two browser windows of two versions of Microsoft Word, for looking at different documents. Like the previous Fold, you’ll also be able to open 3 different apps at the same time on the foldable display to help with those heavy multi-tasking sessions on the go. You’ll also be able to drag and drop between compatible apps that you’ve opened in this mode as well.

Users will have the option to scale the display in a way that allows for a more tablet/PC-like experience with navigation panes appearing on the left-hand side of the inner display on apps such as settings, MyFiles etc. just like they do on a tablet in landscape mode. Other native and third party apps will be able to be displayed in a more tablet-like way with YouTube showing more info on the video you’re watching when not in full screen mode and the likes of Microsoft Office apps showing navigation and editing panels at the top of the display.

Irish Pricing & Availability

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 will be available for pre-order today from €2,099 from the main Irish phone networks and smartphone stockists and from the official Samsung Ireland Online store. Pre-orders start today and it will be available in Mystic Black and Mystic Bronze.


Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 Mystic Bronze

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