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| April 18, 2021

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Three Ireland launches its 5G network today

Three Ireland launches its 5G network today
John Reilly
  • On September 28, 2020

Three Ireland has finally launched their own 5G network to compete with Vodafone and eir’s offering. The new network, which was switched on today, is said to have 35% population coverage with this expected to expand to 50% before the end of 2020. In terms of download and upload speeds on a mobile device, 5G will deliver up to 1Gbps download speeds along with nearly 100Mbps upload speeds which, to many, is actually the more important figure when working remotely but still looking to share large files for example.

Three’s CTO David Hennessy said: “Today we have 315 sites across the country offering 35% population coverage and in 2021 we expect to increase the number of sites by 500 up to 800 in total, further enhancing the network.

“In utilising both our high capacity 3.7 GHz, along with repurposing some of our existing 4G spectrum for 5G, customers can see speeds of up to 1 Gbps.”

Nationwide Coverage & Upgraded prepay plans

They’ve also launched their new 5G coverage tracker so you can see if you’re located in one of their 5G areas. If your home/office didn’t make the cut, Three has said they’re going to add considerably more 5G sites into 2021 and, as a first for the Irish prepay market, you’ll be able to purchase a €5 add-on to give yourself access to 5G on a prepay plan. As expected, their bill pay plans will either have 5G access included on their higher priced plans or you can use their €5 add-on option as well.

Three’s 5G handsets

To mark the launch of their new 5G network, Three are also offering a number of 5G handsets in store and online from today onwards with customers able to select from a range of handsets including Samsung’s S20 Ultra 5G, S20 Plus, S20 5G, Huawei P40 Pro or their foldable Mate Xs 5G.


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