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One of the most hotly anticipated Electric Vehicles of 2020 since it was debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in 2017 is the Honda e. It’s also becoming a car that is dividing opinion on it’s looks. Some (like all of us here on the team) are in love with it’s interior and exterior styling whilst others are by no mean enamored by it.

We only had the car for 2 hours so we decided to focus on the interior, exterior and the tech onboard. We will have the car for a longer test before Christmas where we can do a proper road test.  This is an urban EV and Honda make no bones about it. The battery is 35.5kWh with 28.5 of that usable giving it a WLTP rated range of 220kms but we hear through the grapevine it is more likely achieving a real world range of between 170km to 180kms.

2020 Honda e interior

2020 Honda e interior

The Honda e comes in 5 colours (White, Black, Blue, Grey and Charge Yellow) and prices starting at €29.995 for the base model and €32,995 for the advance version. With so much tech, I cover it all in the video below.

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Filmed in 4K on the Canon M6 MII, GoPro Hero 8 and DJI Mavic Air 2.

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