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As Apple teased back at WWDC, Apple in 2020 would start making it’s first move away from Intel based processors to it’s own SOC (aka System on a Chip) for it’s Mac line. It was a huge move, bringing iOS and MacOS much closer from a hardware and software level with MacOS Big Sur. Today, we finally got a better look at what that future looks like. Apple today announced it’s M1 Processor and three new Macs using the new processor at it’s ‘One More Thing’ event.

The M1 chip marks a huge upgrade in Mac performance:

M1 Processor

In layman’s terms, the M1 processor means the Mac runs on it’s own chip and not intel and means that it can now be even more tightly integrated into the software. The immediate benefits will be faster and more energy efficient Macs but also the ability to use iPhone and iPad OS apps on your Mac. This means the Mac App Store just became huge but it also means that you can expect all apps to get better as developers only have to develop one app to work across Apple devices and not two.

Apple also announced a host of new Macs that will run on the M1 Processor. While they look similar to recent MacBooks, it’s the processor that makes a huge difference:

Apple M1 Macbook AIr

Apple updated the MacBook Air line first with the M1 processor – the world’s best selling laptop which is a big vote of confidence in the chip. It retains a lot of the upgrades found in the last MacBook Air with TouchID for unlocking/Apple Pay and Magic Keyboard but it now features up to 18 hours of battery life when browsing the web and up to 2x the battery life for video calls – great for your lockdown zoom quizzes.

M1 Macbook Pro

Apple also updated the MacBook Pro line with the M1 chip, featuring similar benefits of the M1 with up to 20 hours of battery life and better cameras but this time with even more impressive performance. If you’re looking for a new MacBook to last you a long time, this might be the best time to purchase a new MacBook.

Lastly, to develop apps or run servers on for example, Apple also updated the Mac Mini with the M1 processor. If you want to watch the event, you can do so at the video below.

The M1 Processor line MacBook Air starts at €1,110.60, MacBook Pro at €1,425.40 and Mac Mini at €786 and there are education discounts available also. Orders are open today and ship 17/11 from Apple and other retailers.

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