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Here is our review for the NIU UQI Series electric scooter. Derek Reilly looks around at the features and takes it out on the road.

This is the entry level electric scooter from Chinese brand NIU. Different driving habits, modes of acceleration, and energy consumption all impact our riding. With their collection of nearly one billion kilometers of user riding data, NIU has successfully uncovered the real-city factors that influence our everyday riding habits. There were 150,000 riders in the study sample, they created a smart electric moped that’s purpose-built for the city.

Sometimes the smallest details have the biggest impact. You’ll notice that the UQi-Series, the frame is the main character of its exterior, so the connection between the frame and body shell must be extremely rigid.

Usually frames are hidden in terms of industrial design. NIU challenged this status-quo and integrated the naked frame into the exterior design to show off the unique aesthetic and unlimited options available on the UQi-Series.

NIU UQI Series White

NIU UQI Series White

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