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| May 18, 2021

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REVIEW: Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro

REVIEW: Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro
John Reilly
  • On February 16, 2021

Back in the summer of 2019, Anker expanded their Soundcore audio brand extensively and two earbuds that stood out were the Liberty Air 2 and the highly surprisingly impressive Liberty 2 Pro. Now, with their first new earbuds in 2021, Soundcore’s Liberty Air 2 Pro look to be a sort of marriage between the two and the results are impressive.


Before we get into the full review, here are some of the key features on the Liberty Air 2 Pro:

Active Noise Cancellation: The main new feature of the Liberty Air 2 Pro is the addition of Active Noise Cancellation. Using the Soundcore app, you can find 3 different settings for Active Noise Cancellation:

“Transport” helps eliminate lower frequencies, such as the hum of an engine.

“Indoor” is ideal for tuning out people talking.

And “Outdoor” blocks low-to-mid frequencies while still allowing higher frequencies such as sirens and beeping.

Transparency Mode: This allows you to hear what’s going on around you. There are two settings for this, and surprisingly I found that the “vocal” setting seems to allow in more sound than the “full” setting.

Auto-pause: Your music will automatically pause if you remove one earbud, and resume when you place it back in your ear. This is great if you quickly need to talk to someone, but don’t want to miss a beat.

Single earbud use: You can use just one earbud but simply returning the other earbud to the charging case and closing the lid.

EQ presets and HearID: There are many preset options for customizing the sound, such as Bass Booster, Classical, Dance, Pop, Hip-Hop, Rock, etc. With the HearID option, the app and earbuds provide a sort of hearing test to determine which frequencies your ears can hear. The app then creates a personalized set of equalizer settings for you and stores them to the headphones.


The Liberty Air 2 Pro earbuds share a similar ‘stem’ design of the previous generation Liberty Air 2. The photos in this review show the ‘Sapphire Blue’ color option which has a sleek appearance. The earbuds are also available in white, pink and black. Compared to the previous Liberty Air 2, the new Liberty Air 2 Pro have a bit more branding with the full ‘Soundcore’ logo etched down the stem of the earbud.


Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro


Like its predecessors, Liberty Air 2 Pro has several options when it comes to customization. One of the first ones is Touch Controls. Double Taps and/or 2sec Holds can be setup to do Volume, Play/Pause, Voice Assistant, and Ambient Sound.

Speaking of Ambient Sound, these are the first true wireless earbuds by Anker that have Active Noise Cancelling (ANC). The ANC on these may just be a bit too good. I found myself having to utilize the one of the three options they have which are Transport, Indoor, and Outdoor. I felt like I couldn’t hear the outside world at all sometimes. There is also a Transparency Mode with either a Fully Transparent or Vocal Mode. I found them both to work pretty well in situations when needed.


Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro


Like the Liberty Pro 2, Soundcore has worked with various Grammy-winning artists and producers to try and obtain the perfect sound for their earbuds. These are utilizing 11mm PureNote drivers that are incorporating nano layers to help with accurate sound and clarity.

The soundscape sounds wider but you also must remember that the ‘Soundcore Signature’ EQ is on my default in the app. This is where you can tweak one of Soundcore’s other features called ‘HearID’. With ‘HearID’, can create your own profile and tune the sound to your liking. There are also 22 EQs to choose from if that’s what you’re into, or you can create your own. I personally use my own personalized HearID, so they sound perfect for my liking.


Battery and Charging

With Active Noise Cancellation turned off, the earbuds can last up to 7 hours on a single charge. With Active Noise Cancellation turned on, playtime is reduced to about 5-6 hours. The charging case can provide 3 additional charges, allowing up to 28 hours of total playback time before the charging case needs to be recharged.

The charging case can be recharged with either a USB-C cable (included) or a Qi wireless charger.



Soundcore’s newest pair of earbuds come in firing on all cylinders. Adding a first to their Liberty series is the impressive ANC capabilities with various adjustment options. Next up is refining their audio with PureNote drivers. Giving you more vocals and thumping bass but we do wish they left AptX codec support in. Finally, battery life is also on point and should last you the majority of any working day.

You can pick up the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro for €129 from


Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro

Review Overview


Very Good

Soundcore’s newest pair of earbuds come in firing on all cylinders.

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