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Google Lens has just announced that you can use its image search functionality to identify flora and fauna across Ireland. Google has said that Ireland is home to tens of thousands of different species including 400 species of birds, more than 4,000 plant species and 12,000 varieties of insects. Now, with the help of Google Lens and the camera on your phone, you can identify every new plant, insect or bird you come across.

Now you can become the ultimate flower expert by using Google Lens to identify what’s growing in the wild. You can also ask Google Assistant for handy facts as you go along. For those of you who haven’t used Google Lens yet, you’re probably wondering how to use it on you phone. Here are 3 simple steps:

  1. On your phone, open the Google app and in the search bar, tap Google Lens (the little camera icon in the image at the top of this page)

  2. Point your camera at the flower to identify the plant

  3. Swipe up to learn about the discovery

You can also use Google Lens from:

  • Google Photos

  • Google Assistant on most Android phones

  • The Google app on Android phones, and Apple phones

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