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Ubisoft has just announced that the previously revealed first major update for Watch Dogs: Legion is now live on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Stadia.

Update 4.0 brings with it the ability to customise an Operative’s hair, facial hair, piercings, make-up, and tattoos, as well as five new Operative abilities, including Pickpocket, which grants players currency for each takedown. Players also get two new Operatives to hire: DJ and First Responder. The former can stun nearby enemies, while the latter can grant a shield that limits damage.


Watch Dogs: Legion


The Online Mode has also been expanded in this update, with the option for private sessions, three new gadgets, five solo assignments, the addition of fast travel and waypoints, and adjustments to challenges and XP. Additionally, there are now three new co-op missions for players to tackle that involve an experimental plasma weapon, the retrieval of DeadSec data drives, and a pair of Clan Kelley hackers.




Season Pass owners also get some new content with this update. First up is a new playable hero named Mina Sidhu, a former test subject who now wields the power of mind control. Mina is playable in both the campaign and Online Mode and can take control of enemies and disrupt nearby enemies. Joining Mina is a new DeadSec mission called Swipe Right, in which players must put a stop to an Egyptian minister who is selling off the country’s antiquities.

You can read the full breakdown of the patch notes for update 4.0 here.

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