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Apple’s Developer Conference ‘WWDC’ just happened and do we have a rundown for you. Apple released a ton of new features and improvements across all of their devices – from Apple Watches to iPads to Homepods. While there aren’t any headline features like a total redesign, it’s clear Apple this year focused on improving their core apps, making them work even more seamlessly together, and making it easy to share content and experiences with others. There’s far too much to deep dive into but these are the key updates you need to know about:


With video calls being used so much since Covid hit, it made sense for Apple to focus on improving their video calling software. They’ve introduced ‘Spatial Audio’ to make video calls less stressful, if someones on the left of your screen, they’ll sound like they’re on your left. There’s also ‘Grid View’ to see everyone at a glance and Sharing via facetime. You can share Apple Music, Apple TV+  and other apps with your friends on a call, making watch parties easy


Notes got the ability to @ users into your notes, collaboratively edit and see updates while you were gone – great for teams. You’ll be able to use hashtags to collect your notes together and across devices, you’ll be able to create quick notes anywhere in the system. Handy!


Safari got a brand new design that strips away buttons and puts the address bar in the tab itself. It’s a gorgeous new design! Apple also introduced ‘Tab Groups’ so you can have your tabs grouped as projects. It’s easy to collapse and reopen groups to save on memory and they sync across devices.


A big focus here today from Apple – the biggest update being ‘Focus Time’. For example, if you’re in the office it might prioritise and only allow alerts from your work apps. If you’re at home, it’ll change what notifications get through. Really neat feature (and seems pretty customisable). There’s a new big summary notification tui


Big upgrades here that we hope come to Ireland. Outside Ireland, users are able to add transit passes (like a Leap Card) but now there will be support for adding your driver’s license, hotel keys and even use your phone to get through security at the airport.


iPad OS finally gets the features it should have gotten last year – Widgets on the home screen and the ‘App Library’ which collects all your apps in one place. Otherwise, there are some nice new multitasking abilities with a button on the top of all apps to let you add an app in split-view very easily or being able to add two apps together from the multi-tasking view itself. Plus, if you’re a developer, you’ll be able to make apps and distribute them to the app store on your iPad itself. Great for budding developers and students learning to code!


MacOS gets a few nice new upgrades with the Shortcuts app coming to Mac and a nifty new feature that lets you use a keyboard and mouse across multiple devices. If you’re traveling and you have a Macbook and an iPad, this new feature is going to make your life so much easier.

Developer betas are out today on, Public Betas open in July and you can expect iOS, MacOS, iPad OS and more to launch in September or October this year.

David McGinley

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