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Vodafone Ireland has just launched their new ‘Super WiFi’ Wi-Fi extender to help make sure their broadband customers can get WiFi coverage in every corner of their homes. The new extender uses the latest in mesh technology and work together with Vodafone’s own Gigabox modem to cover any Wi-Fi blackspots they might encounter around the house.

According to recent research coordinated by Vodafone Ireland, connectivity and reliability is listed as the number one priority for customers when choosing a broadband provider.

Vodafone Super Wifi ExtenderThe new extender is priced at €5 extra a month on top of your existing Vodafone broadband bill, but it’s set up as a 30-day rolling contract and there are no additional costs to get the new hardware. As part of the package, Vodafone will also offer a dedicated Super WiFi expert to identify the key locations within the home to carry out the installation and ensure customers’ specific WiFi needs are met.

Vodafone Ireland Super WiFi extenderTo coincide with the launch the new Super WiFi extender, Vodafone Ireland has also introduced its 5G-ready Unlimited Mobile Broadband to the market. An evolution of its existing mobile broadband offering, the new broadband service connects to the Vodafone mobile network and creates a wireless network for customers.

The new 5G Unlimited Mobile Broadband offering is said to be quick and easy to get going with a ‘plug in and go’ set up process. Impressively, you’ll also be able to connect 60 devices through the modem, which is a nice addition to those users with endless amounts of Wi-Fi enabled devices.

If you’re interested, the new offer starts at €45 per month (subject to 12-month contract) in store and online.

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