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In 2021, we all know that there is an abundance of choice when it comes to wireless earbuds that you hope sound good but new NURATRUE earphones are different in that they can actually examine your ears and personalise the sound just for you. We all hear sound differently so wireless earphones are not really a one size first all type of product. We all know there are earphones that sound good to many people but what about earphones that can adapt to how you hear music and make the sound even better. That’s exactly what you get from Nurasound’s latest product – the NuraTrue wireless earphones.


The NURATRUE Earbuds and charging case

Set Up

As part of the set-up customers use the Nura app to guide them through the set-up to create a personalised listening profile using patented technology. Using the highly sensitive onboard microphones on the earphones they listen to otoacoustic emissions (yes your ears make noise!) which offer information about your hearing. Then the NURATRUE’s self-learning engine creates a unique hearing profile so the earphones can deliver the depth and clarity that’s right for you.

Sound & ANC Quality

I can tell you the difference is amazing. Even without the profile, the NURATRUE earbuds sound great. But with your custom built profile, that quality goes to another level. You can actually toggle between the regular sound and the optimised sound in the Nura app and the difference is really noticeable. We noticed a little more depth and detail, more nuanced bass and a larger sound scale.  Also on board is active noise cancellation, social mode and customisable touch buttons.

The ANC is pretty impressive, not quite up their with the likes full over-ear headphones, which is obvious, but they still do a respectable job of blocking out a lot of the lower ambient noises around you in a noisier environment.

There’s also the Immersion Mode, which changes the overall bass or ‘oomph’ levels to your music and this adjustable in the Nura app. Finally, the Social Mode also means you can toggle between closing out the outside world and letting it in again if you need to talk to someone else or listen our for an announcement.

Design & Build Quality

Another interesting feature is the design. The  NURATRUE earbuds have a circular disc that’s almost 2.5cm wide on the back which makes them a lot more noticeable and also provides a larger area for your touch controls. These might be jarring for some customers who are after a more discreet look.

A close up look of one of the NURATRUE earbuds

A close up look of one of the NURATRUE earbuds

But it didn’t affect the fit and comfort of the earphones. Once we put them in and twisted them into place they are quite comfortable and secure. They have an IPX4 rating which means they are water and sweat resistant so you can enjoy your personalised sound anywhere.

Features & Settings

The app also allows users to choose what touch controls you want to navigate your music, answer calls and access your voice assistant. You can also determine your pause function so your music stops when one or both earbuds are removed. The NURATRUE earbuds connect via Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX so it can handle hi-res audio streaming. If you’re listening to lossless and higher resolution audio – you will hear the difference.

Battery Life

We got six hours of listening time from a full charge with the case supplying another 18 hours so that’s 24 hours of music you can listen to. The charging case is slightly longer than other cases and there are four LED lights so you can tell the battery level at a glance.


The NURATRUE wireless earphones stand out from the crowd thanks to the unique feature that will optimise the sound to the way you hear music. The tailor-made result will surprise and delight you so you can hear your favourite music like never before. The ANC is respectable, as is the battery life and overall, if you want a pair of earbuds that are a little different and a lot more personalised to your own hearing preferences, the NURATRUE earbuds might be just the pair you’re looking for.

Pricing & Availability

The NURATRUE wireless earphones are available for $199.99 from 




REVIEW: NURATRUE True Wireless Earbuds
  • Set Up
  • Sound & ANC Quality
  • Design & Build Quality
  • Features & Settings
  • Battery Life


The NURATRUE wireless earphones stand out from the crowd thanks to the unique feature that will optimise the sound to the way you hear music.

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