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 Vodafone Ireland has just announced one of its newest products called ‘Vodafone Always Connected’. With this new offering, Vodafone is said to be the first company in Ireland to offer a service that combines both their mobile and fixed networks to provide their most reliable home broadband connection. With Vodafone Always Connected, in the unlikely event a customer’s broadband experiences an interruption, the modem connectivity will automatically switch to Vodafone’s 4G mobile network using the Always Connected device.

Over the past two years, the nation has relied on strong WiFi and broadband connection more than ever before and according to research commissioned by Vodafone, connectivity and reliability is listed as the number one priority for customers when choosing a broadband provider. Because of this, Vodafone has developed an clever solution to overcome this.

Both new and existing Vodafone broadband customers can avail of Vodafone Always Connected. As an add on to its broadband service, Vodafone Always Connected has a 30-day rolling contract that involves no commitment or hardware costs. It is a self-set up product with three easy steps and existing Vodafone bill pay mobile customers can get Vodafone Always Connected for free when they add Vodafone broadband.

The Always Connected automatic network switching process means that customers’ modem connectivity will switch to Vodafone’s 4G network if they experience a broadband interruption. An interruption to the broadband connection will trigger the automatic failover process and in turn notify the Vodafone customer care team who will work on resolving the issues. When the broadband issue is resolved, the modem connection returns as normal.

Vodafone Always Connected will cost €5 per month however, customers who have both Broadband and Mobile Bill Pay with Vodafone will get the add-on for free for the first 18 months.

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