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With the way in which a lot of us are using our home Wi-Fi over the last 2 years having changed immensely, the need to have fast and reliable connection speeds, no matter where you are in your home, has never been greater. Seeing this need from its customers, Virgin Media Ireland has just announced their brand new ‘WiFi Guarantee’ service which is said to help eliminate Wi-Fi black spots around your home. The new service, which includes Virgin’s new Smart WiFi Pods, will help users create their own mesh network across their home, using their Virgin Media Hub device, to help extend their Wi-Fi to those hard to reach areas. The two also work together to automatically change settings to manage interference ensuring your Wi-Fi connection is fast and reliable.

The Smart Wi-Fi Pods connect with the cloud to understand how each household uses Wi-Fi. This allows for constant adapting to create the best conditions for the network.

Orla Kelly, Proposition and CVP Manager from Virgin Media said: “Fast and reliable broadband is a priority for our customers and Virgin Media. Our Wi-Fi Guarantee is just another demonstration of our dedication and commitment to that. Black spots, in those hard-to-reach places, like a new home office in the attic, are a real source of frustration for many households, but Virgin Media is committed to eliminating them and thanks to our Smart Wi-Fi Pods, we can make working, gaming, or simply browsing seamless.

“No more running cables across the landing or sitting on the stairs to get a signal for your Zoom call, Virgin Media’s Wi-Fi Guarantee gets Wi-Fi everywhere in your house, so you don’t have to!”

The Wi-Fi Guarantee includes a Smart Wi-Fi Pod, plus up to 2 additional pods and a technician visit if needed, to ensure customer get a minimum speed of 30Mb in every room for an additional €5 a month. If black spots persist, Virgin Media guarantees €50 credit. You can learn more about the new service here.

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