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OPPO has officially entered the folding smartphone market with OPPO Find N and their first foray can be seen as direct competition for Samsung’s mighty Z Fold series. In terms of appearance, the OPPO Find N and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 feature a notebook-like folding design with a total of five cameras on board. Sadly, OPPO has yet to confirm if the OPPO Find N will ever make its way to Ireland – leaving the Galaxy Z Fold 3 the most impressive foldable on the Irish market right now. Nevertheless, OPPO Ireland were kind enough to send us a Find N to play with so, in this quick review, we’ll see whether the device is able to nail the ‘folding’ basics and stand as a showcase of where OPPO intends their new folding line to go in the future.

OPPO Find N | TheEffect.NetDesign & Build Quality

There’s no doubt that the OPPO Find N grabs attention from the start. At first, the phone may appear similar to the Galaxy Z Fold 3 due to its notebook-like folding design, but you quickly realise just how compact the smartphone actually is. On the outside, there’s a 5.4″ OLED display with an 18:9 aspect ratio that also makes it a very compact smartphone – even in today’s Android smartphone market.

OPPO Find N | TheEffect.NetIt could be a thoughtful addition for users who still prefer a smaller display and do not want to purchase the compact iPhone 13 mini. However, no matter how good it may feel in your palm, the typing experience is not the smoothest in the folded form. In that case, the weight and the cluttered screen will automatically make you switch to the main 7.1-inch display for a more comfortable holding experience. That being said, Find N’s inner panel with a 120Hz refresh rate offers good colours and deeper blacks, thanks to the OLED technology. There’s no Netflix officially available on the Oppo Find N, but we tested out a few YouTube videos on the official YouTube website and the viewing experience was expectedly good. However, the phone could’ve added a speaker at the top for a more 360 surround sound experience.

OPPO Find N | TheEffect.Net

OPPO Find N’s internal 7.1″ folding display | TheEffect.Net

Apart from the solid display, OPPO’s unique hinge mechanism is worth mentioning. The distinct water-drop hinge design definitely offers an almost creaseless viewing experience. It also lets users swivel the displays at various angles, a great addition for both hard and soft surfaces. OPPO calls this the Flexion Hinge to allow users to take advantage of the FlexForm mode. However, the OPPO Find N lacks an official IPS rating for water and dust resistance that the company needs to perfect if it wants to rival Samsung’s next-gen or current foldable smartphones.

But, the hinge is also claimed to be responsible for virtually no gap between the panels of the folded screen (0.01mm precision). We did struggle to push a sheet of paper between the gaps; however, dust particles can be much smaller, and only time will tell whether the screen will be able to handle this challenge.

Performance & Software

The OPPO Find N comes with Snapdragon 888 that also powers the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Since it is a China-specific unit, the phone does not come pre-loaded with apps from Google or other Western brands/tech companies. This also means we could not test the full potential of the smartphone’s software as many apps are yet to be optimised for this form factor. Additionally, the phone runs on Android 11-based ColorOS 12, but we have heard that it will get Android 12-based ColorOS down the line.

We’ve been reviewing the top-of-the-line 12GB RAM + 512GB model and like other OPPO phones, the OPPO Find N supports RAM expansion technology that utilises idle ROM to increase the RAM capacity. In this case, we can get up to 15GB of RAM. Due to some strange reasons, we were unable to download the Geekbench app to test the CPU performance but the Snapdragon 888 under the hood still remains a powerful chipset in the market, and the phone can still manage productivity-focused and gaming apps. I also enjoyed popular games like Asphalt 9 and Fruit Ninja that took advantage of the 8.4:9 aspect ratio. Needless to say, both apps ran seamlessly without any signs of heating.


There are a total of five cameras on board that overall deliver brilliant performance in the daylight. The triple rear camera setup includes a 50-megapixel Sony IMX766 primary sensor with OIS support.

OPPO Find N | TheEffect.NetThe primary camera is accompanied by a 16-megapixel sensor paired with an ultrawide lens and a 13-megapixel sensor paired with a telephoto lens that offers 2x optical zoom. All three cameras capture crisp photos in the daylight, and night photography is equally good. However, some details may be lost, as with any smartphone.

OPPO Find N | TheEffect.NetThe cameras also captured natural colours that may not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, if you keep the AI mode enabled, high saturation and contrast are achievable, giving an automatically edited finish. There are multiple camera modes to play with as well.

OPPO Find N Sample ultra wide photo | TheEffect.Net

OPPO Find N Sample ultra wide photo | TheEffect.Net

OPPO Find N Sample main lens photo | TheEffect.Net

OPPO Find N Sample main lens photo showing better brightness overall and more detail over the ultra-wide | TheEffect.Net

OPPO Find N Sample telephoto shot | TheEffect.Net

OPPO Find N Sample telephoto shot | TheEffect.Net

OPPO Find N 20x digital zoom shot | TheEffect.Net

OPPO Find N 20x digital zoom shot | TheEffect.Net

The two 32-megapixel front cameras (one on the external display and one on the internal display) also produce some nice clean images in good lighting but, like other foldables, you can use the external display as a viewfinder, whilst unfolded, given you the ability to capture much higher resolution and more natural-looking ‘selfies’ using the 50MP main Sony sensor, which is a great benefit to having such a unique form factor.

OPPO Find N | TheEffect.Net

A sample ‘Selfie’ using the main camera lens of the OPPO Find N and the external display as a viewfinder | TheEffect.Net

OPPO Find N | TheEffect.Net

The OPPO Find N’s folding design allows you to use the external display as a viewfinder and the main camera module to take impressive selfies | TheEffect.Net

OPPO Find N | TheEffect.Net

A sample ‘selfie’ photo using the 32MP selfie camera on the outer display on the OPPO Find N | TheEffect.Net


Any productivity-focused smartphone is incomplete without a good battery. The OPPO Find N carries a 4500mAh battery (dual-cell) – bigger than the 4400mAh battery on the Galaxy Z Fold 3. We do get an all-day battery but do keep in mind that we couldn’t push the phone’s limits since this is a China-specific unit. There’s also 33W SuperVOOC wired charging support that is claimed to juice up 50 percent battery in half-hour. The phone takes roughly 80 minutes to get up to full battery. There’s also support for wireless charging as well which is an impressive addition given the compact size of this phone.

OPPO Find N | TheEffect.NetConclusion

With the Find N, OPPO has successfully tackled the most critical function of these type of devices – practicality. The 5.4-inch outside display and the 7.1-inch primary display are very easy to use and hold. Secondly, the aspect ratios are also favourable for many apps if developers start optimising for the device. And most importantly, the unique water drop hinge mechanism could be a trendsetter as the subsequent screen crease is almost imperceptible on the inner folding display, and much less prominent that what’s seen on Samsung’s Fold3.

Since the smartphone will not launch in Ireland, we obviously (and unfortunately) cannot recommend you head out and purchase this device. But, as a first entry from the company, the OPPO Find N is a fantastic start and promising glimpse of what the future of OPPO’s foldables can be.

You can read more about the OPPO Find N here. 

OPPO Find N | TheEffect.Net

  • Design & Build Quality
  • Performance & Software
  • Cameras
  • Battery


As a first entry from the company, the OPPO Find N is a fantastic start and promising glimpse of what the future of OPPO’s foldables can be.

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