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Vodafone Ireland has just launched Secure Net, the company’s new digital protection product aimed at parents.

Secure Net works through Vodafone’s network and is available both inside the home on a fixed broadband connection for multiple devices, and outside on a connected device.

Secure Net Pricing & Availability

Available as an add-on to both new and existing customers, Secure Net on the Go for Vodafone mobile customers is available for 99c per month, while Secure Net at Home for Vodafone broadband users costs €2.99 per month.

It also enables parents to manage restrictions on children’s devices, limiting their children’s online use and schedule as necessary. It also blocks harmful downloads and will notify the customer with an alert via SMS. When an attempt is made to access an unsafe website, it directs the user to a warning page where they can choose whether to proceed or navigate to a safe zone.

Parents can select appropriate content categories to filter access based on children’s age, limit access to online distractions or instantly pause access for a temporary period all via the Secure Net app or online portal.

Speaking on the launch of Secure Net, Claire Reynolds, Head of Segment, Vodafone Ireland said:

“We understand how online security is a challenge for individuals and their families. Cyber-attacks are on the rise in Ireland, and consumers are more aware of digital protection than ever before. Vodafone Secure Net allows families to explore the internet safely and with confidence. It’s quick and easy to set up giving customers peace of mind that they – and their families – are protected while online, both at home and on the go.”

It’s great to see products and initiatives such as this from Vodafone as cyberattacks and the spreading of malicious content is unfortunately becoming all to common for kids and adults alike.

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For more information on keeping children safe online, go to ISPCC’s Digital Parenting Hub.

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