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MG have made strides in the Irish market in recent years. They are now owned by Chinese manufacturing giant, SAIC Motors, and are becoming well known for producing good value fully-electric Estate and SUV models. The MG4 hatchback will be their latest addition and promises to put the established carmakers under a significant bit of pressure in a burgeoning EV market.

Aesthetically, the MG4 is a departure from what we have seen from the brand’s styling on the MG5 and MG ZS EV. This latest model is a lot sharper, more angular, and perhaps most resembles the CUPRA Born in styling. The bonnet features some quite stylish indentations and curves, but unfortunately does not hide a frunk. From the side, the MG4 strikes a clear hatchback silhouette. Depending on the trim level, you can have body coloured wing mirrors and a gloss black roof. The split spoiler and continuous light bar at the back give a hot-hatch effect.

MG4 Rear and Viewed from Above with the upper level trim which has a gloss black roof and split rear spoiler | TheEffect.Net

MG4 Split Spoiler and Gloss Black Roof

With a car at this price point, you will not be expecting luxury. With that in mind, the MG4 is very well appointed inside. There is a 7” driver’s infotainment screen that is situated directly behind the two-spoke, hexagonal steering wheel. The gear selector is situated on a plinth that protrudes from the dash, which also houses a wireless charging pad. Unfortunately Apple Car Play and Android Auto are not wireless. There is a 10.25” infotainment screen that can be divided into various sections. Upper level trims get access to the iSMART suite that integrates the car with an app on your phone for features such as cabin preconditioning, wi-fi hotspot and voice control.

There are five different drive modes to suit your driving style and various road conditions. The ride is quite comfortable and belies the price tag of the car, although wind and road noise is evident at higher speeds. The car sits on MG’s new Modular Scalable Platform (MSP) which means that it is conceived as a ground-up EV, and not a made to house combustion versions. A rear wheel drive 150kW motor with 250Nm torque means you have just over 200hp. This makes the MG quick to react, and both battery variants will do the 0-100km/h sprint in just under 8 seconds. 

Interior of the MG4 Right Hand Drive | TheEffect.Net

Interior of the MG4

You will be able to choose from two battery options. The standard battery is 51kWh for a WLTP range of 350km. In most circumstances you can expect to get quite close to 300km. The long range battery houses 64kWh, 61.7kWh of which is usable. That gives a WLTP range of 450km, but just under 400km is a more realistic figure. On AC you will charge up at 7.4kW, which is plenty to get back up to 100% overnight. On DC, the standard battery will take up to 100kW, and the larger will take 125kW. 

Being a hatchback, the MG4 never expects to be a big car. There is 363 litres of boot space, and the upper trim features an adjustable boot floor to suit how you use the car. With the driver’s seat set up for a person of 6ft, there is still space in the back for another adult of 6ft. Two ISOFIX points will be welcome news to young families.

Prices are not yet available at the time of writing. In the UK, the MG4 slightly undercuts the bigger MG ZS EV, so this suggest that we may see a price tag starting in the late €20k’s In Ireland.

MG4 in Volcano Orange driving along the road from left to right with a UK license plate | TheEffect.Net

MG4 Out On The Road

The MG4 is building interest at this very competitive price point. You get a lot of technology and features. The ride is comfortable, and there is plenty of space for most people’s needs. The range is bigger than many other EVs than are much more expensive. Based on the performance of the MG5 and MG ZS EV in the Irish market, it is likely that MG will sell out quickly, so the real question is how many vehicles they will be able to make.

MG4 Video Review

This review is in partnership with EV Review Ireland and you can learn more about what I thought of the MG4 in the video below.

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