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Announced as a part of their recent Search AI event, Google revealed that the previously teased ‘Immersive View’ is finally launching, starting February 8th. This new view combines aerial photography and Google Street View, allowing users to explore full 3D models of cities.

The new Google Maps feature will, at least according to Google, allow users to “understand the vibe of a place before you go.” Alongside these 3D renderings come the same detailed traffic data, map suggestions, and more that Google Maps is known for.

google-maps-ai-immersive-view-launch | TheEffect.NetRight now, Immersive View is only available for a handful of cities. But Google noted that more locales, including Dublin, would arrive “in the coming months.”

google-maps-ai-immersive-view-launch | TheEffect.NetAt the same event, Google also revealed a brand-new Maps feature it dubbed “glanceable directions.” This new feature allows users to see all the details of their trip right from the route overview screen, offering up information like distance to destination and estimated time of arrival. Again, “Glanceable directions” will roll out “in the coming months.”

Also, Google mentioned that Indoor Street View is expanding to “more than 1,000 new airports, train stations, and malls in Barcelona, Berlin, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Melbourne, Paris, Prague, São Paulo, Singapore, Sydney, and Taipei.

Google Maps update makes EV driving even easier

In 2021, Google Maps began rolling out features to help EV drivers plan a trip with stress-free routes and charging stop recommendations, using newly developed routing algorithms to search and filter for the most convenient charging stations.

The search giant took it a step further by offering more efficient and eco-friendly route planning rather than just showing the typical shortest travel time. The feature was expanded to include electric vehicles in July 2022, allowing users to find the most energy-efficient routes.

Google Maps EV Update - TheEffect.NetTo make it even easier for EV drivers to get around, Google Maps got another big update in November to show EV fast-charging options with 50kW or higher chargers.

After seeing a more than 60% increase in EV charging stations compared to last year, Google Maps is updating its services once again, making it almost effortless to get around in an electric vehicle.

  • Adding charging stops to shorter trips – Maps will now suggest the best stop based on factors like current traffic, the vehicle’s charge level, and energy consumption.
  • Very fast charging stations – A new filter allows EV drivers to search and locate 150kW or higher fast charge stations.
  • Charging stations in results – Google will now show you when the places you are searching have on-site charging stations, such as grocery stores.

The new Google Map features will be available globally in the coming months to electric vehicles with Google built in, such as Polestar, Volvo, Renault, Honda, and soon, Ford.

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