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Another Fisherman’s Tale has once again captured the attention of gamers with its intriguing gameplay since its initial launch on VR platforms a few years ago. Therefore, it comes as no shock that Innerspace VR, the developer behind the original success, has gifted us with yet another captivating experience: Another Fisherman’s Tale.


As expected, Bob the Fisherman returns, embarking on another captivating and perplexing journey that was pretty captivating from the get go. This time, his adventure takes him beyond the familiar confines of the original lighthouse as he sets sail across the vast sea. Adding an intriguing twist to the established formula, players also have the opportunity to assume the role of Bob’s daughter in certain sequences, shedding light on the intricacies of their family dynamic and evoking unexpected emotions. The storytelling in Another Fisherman’s Tale delves deeper, enriching the narrative and imbuing the entire adventure with a greater sense of significance.

Another Fisherman's Tale Review (PS VR2) | TheEffect.NetGameplay

Another Fisherman’s Tale offers a substantial departure from its predecessor, delivering a completely different experience. Instead of being confined solely to the lighthouse, players will traverse various captivating locations while unraveling clever conundrums to progress. The core puzzle mechanics revolve around the ability to detach different parts of Bob’s body and utilize them individually to interact with objects in the environment. This innovative approach brings a refreshing and whimsical vibe to the game.

Another Fisherman's Tale Review (PS VR2) | TheEffect.NetThe execution of this mechanic is not only effective but also fascinating, whether it’s strategically positioning your head in the environment to maintain a perfect view of the unfolding action (providing a fixed-camera perspective while controlling Bob’s body) or deftly maneuvering your hand through obstacles using the Sense controller. Words alone can’t fully convey the seamless integration of these mechanics; experiencing them firsthand is truly the best way to appreciate their brilliance. This unique gameplay element allows for creative puzzle-solving opportunities, ensuring a consistently fresh and engaging experience.


The game also excels in its delightful visual aesthetics and immersive audio effects. Its charming and vibrant artwork, accompanied by meticulous sound design, work harmoniously to deliver a captivating experience. The meticulously crafted game world showcases a variety of locations, each possessing its own distinctive environment and atmosphere, further enhancing the overall appeal.

Another Fisherman's Tale Review (PS VR2) | TheEffect.NetConclusion

Another Fisherman’s Tale builds upon its predecessor by introducing a host of fresh elements into the gameplay, resulting in an experience that feels both familiar and invigorating. With an expanded array of locations to explore, the game offers greater diversity within its world. Furthermore, the incorporation of visual storytelling and innovative puzzle mechanics adds another layer of immersion, ensuring an engaging encounter for fans of the original title.

In essence, Another Fisherman’s Tale is a captivating VR adventure game that presents a creative twist on the unique mechanics introduced in its predecessor. The game’s mind-bending VR puzzles, accompanied by stunning visuals and immersive audio effects, make for an enthralling experience that will undoubtedly appeal to VR enthusiasts. While the game’s duration may be relatively short and the puzzles relatively easy for some players, it nonetheless delivers an enjoyable and entertaining journey that is unquestionably worth embarking upon.

Another Fisherman’s Tale Pricing & Availability

Another Fisherman’s Tale is available on PS VR2, along with Meta Quest 2 and Steam VR, and costs €19.99 on the PlayStation Store with a PlayStation Plus membership or €24.99 without.

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Another Fisherman’s Tale is a captivating VR adventure game that presents a creative twist on the unique mechanics introduced in its predecessor.

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