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Vodafone Ireland has today become the first operator in Ireland to offer smartwatch cellular connectivity (eSim support) through a new add on service called OneNumber. OneNumber allows customers to stay connected and use a Samsung smartwatch while out and about, independently of their smartphone.

Traditionally, smartwatch users relied on Bluetooth to connect their watch to their smartphone, meaning you had to stay within a certain range of your device. OneNumber will allow customers to leave the house, go for a walk, go to the gym, and work anywhere without their phone, while still being contactable via their Samsung smartwatch.

Research commissioned by Vodafone found over 55% of people would consider leaving their smartphone at home if it meant they could stay connected. Interestingly, the research also found that while a third (32%) of Irish people own a smartwatch, many users aren’t aware of all its functions. A third (32%) of respondents were not aware maps and navigations can be accessed through a smartwatch, and one in five (19%) were unaware of the mobile payment function.

One of the most attractive benefits for those who own a smartwatch is tracking health and fitness (47%), followed by staying connected (25%) and easy, quick responses to messages (13%).  Almost half (46%) of those who do not already own a smartwatch said they plan to buy one in the future.

OneNumber is available as a no-contract add on to bill pay customers for €5 per month, and Vodafone customers who purchase OneNumber in July and August can avail of an offer which gives them three months’ free usage. OneNumber is launching on a range of Samsung LTE watches: Watch5 Pro, Watch5, and Watch4, compatible with a range of Samsung and Android smartphones.

Amanda Nelson, CEO, Vodafone Ireland, said: ‘’We’re delighted to be the first operator to provide smartwatch cellular connectivity to our customers. OneNumber means our customers can stay connected and realise the full benefits of the next evolution of wearable technology. Powered by our network OneNumber gives freedom of movement to those on-the-go. Whether exercising, on the move or working away from home customers can stay connected – even without their phone. It’s clear from the findings of our research that there’s a strong appetite for smartwatches and wearable tech, and that their benefits go beyond health and fitness tracking. ‘’

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