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IFA, the annual consumer technology showcase conference in Berlin, Germany, is in full swing and JBL has just unveiled a range of new audio products making their way to Europe in the coming days and weeks. You can read all about them below.

JBL Soundgear Sense

These are a new breed of earbuds. They’re not in-ear and they’re not your traditional over-ear either. On the face of it, they look more like the active products we’ve seen with a loop over the ear and a tip in the ear.

But in fact they are an “Open Ear Design” – something very new, but vastly different to those bone conducting headphones you might have seen popping up more and more. Essentially, the speaker section sits outside your ear – so nothing actually goes into your ear canal, but it’s floating outside your ear supported by the over-ear hoop.

JBL Soundgear Sense | TheEffect.NetThe design allows the Soundgear Sense to shoot the audio into your ear canal with a directional driver that reduces leakage. With 6 hours battery, and another 18 hours battery in the case, they’re made to be worn for extended duration without the ear canal fatigue some headphones create.

Additionally, there is a behind the head strap that clips through the hooks for additional support for those out and about hiking or running with the Soundgear Sesne.

Soundgear Sense Pricing & Availability

The JBL Soundgear Sense will be available in Black and White now on for €149.99.

JBL Live 670NC (on-ear) & JBL Live 770NC (over-ear) headphones

Two over-ear headphones get a revamp this year, with the Live 670NC (the “on ear” style) and the Live 770NC (over ear style) maintaining their design styling, but receiving improvements internally to offer better noise cancelling, more EQ customisation within the app, and more microphones.

JBL Live 670 On Ear ANC Headphones | TheEffect.Net

JBL Live 670 On Ear ANC Headphones | TheEffect.Net

They do have thicker cushions for better comfort and improved passive noise cancelling too. When it comes to battery life, they provide up to 65 hours of playback time, but the battery life decreases to 50 hours when Bluetooth and ANC are enabled.

JBL Live 770ANC Over Ear Headphones | TheEffect.Net

JBL Live 770ANC Over Ear Headphones | TheEffect.Net

JBL Live 670NC (on-ear) & JBL Live 770NC (over-ear) headphones Pricing & Availability

The JBL LIVE 770NC and JBL LIVE 670NC will be available in black, white, blue and sandstone for €179.99 and €129.99 respectively, from

JBL Authentics Speakers Range

he Authentics series looks to be something very different from what I am used to seeing out of JBL, and that’s not a bad thing. Sometimes change is what is required to freshen up a brand, and that is precisely what I think JBL is doing here.

The new series of speakers sport a retro design, which JBL says was inspired by its heritage. If you don’t know anything more about JBL than its consumer headphones and small speakers, then you don’t know that they do far more than that.

Before we dive into more wordy information about the Authentics series, here are the key features of all three speakers in this line:

JBL Authentics Range Key Features | TheEffect.NetEach speaker has a stunning set of materials chosen from brushed metal to a leather-look, with hand stitching and just really beautiful design.

The Authentics 500 has a 270W Amp, and along with it’s siblings the front foam cover is curved to give a feeling of the depth you get – it’s really a great look.

Down to the 200 and this is made for smaller rooms, but still features the same audio capabilities as the whole range with both Bluetooth and WiFi streaming options.

The 300 might be the best option for many thoughJBL Authentics Range | TheEffect.Net with a great looking and feeling handle to ensure that you see it as a portable device to take to the room you’re in.

JBL Authentics 200, 300 & 500 Pricing & Availability

The new JBL Authentics 200, 300 and 500 speakers will be available from 15th of September on, starting at €329.99, €429.99 & €629.99 respectively.

JBL PartyBox Ultimate

Finally, JBL also unveiled a brand new monster of a ‘PartyBox’ with the new PartyBox Ultimate.

The new Partybox Ultimate is a huge 3-way speaker system with a new multi-dimensional light show even around to the sides, and it comes with dual microphones for some epic Karaoke too.

The sound is 40% louder than any other partybox, enough to cover two basketball courts with 1100 Watts of entertainment.

JBL PartyBox Ultimate | TheEffect.NetOf course the JBL logo is bigger to match the recent speaker styling, but there are new wheels for better movement, and the top party pads have been reduced to just three curiously.

Critically, the new Partybox Ultimate features WiFi streaming and I believe there is a button or buttons you can program to instantly hit play on one of your online playlists too.

JBL PartyBox Ultimate Pricing & Availability

The JBL PartyBox Ultimate is available now at for €1499.99.

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