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Soundcore, the premium audio brand under Anker Innovations, has introduced its latest premium portable speaker, the Motion X500 Portable High Fidelity Speaker with spatial audio. Building upon the success of its predecessor, the Motion X600, known for its premium design, the Motion X500 offers a more compact form factor, enhancing portability for users to enjoy an immersive audio experience both at home and when you’re out and about.

soundcore Motion X500 | TheEffect.NetThe Motion X500 boasts an impressive sound performance with three full-range drivers directed to the left and right sides, along with a “sky channel” driver pointing upwards. This configuration will deliver powerful 40-watt audio output, filling the room in detailed 3-D spatial sound. Soundcore’s specialized spatial audio algorithm and high-end DSP which are said to enhance the speaker’s audio quality and provide high-fidelity sound.

Certified to provide wireless Hi-Res audio and compatible with the LDAC codec (exclusive to Android devices), the Motion X500 ensures users can enjoy music in the highest quality format. The Soundcore app also allows users to customise the speaker’s audio experience further, offering a 9-band EQ for personalised tuning.

soundcore Motion X500 | TheEffect.NetThe new Motion X500 features a sleek aluminum body with a matte finish, adorned with Soundcore’s iconic logo embossed on the front grille. Its purse-like design, coupled with a fixed handle, adds to its portability, enabling users to carry it around.

Equipped with a built-in 7.2V / 6400mAh battery and IPX7 waterproof capabilities, the Motion X500 should give you peace of mind if you’re looking to use the device primarily for outdoor gatherings. The speaker’s top, known as the Sky Channel, features dynamic LED lights, offering customizable lighting options based on the selected EQ mode or user preferences via the Soundcore app.

soundcore Motion X500 | TheEffect.NetSoundcore Motion X500 Pricing & Availability

Soundcore’s Motion X500 speaker will be available in three colours: Black Deluxe, Glitzy Blue, and Pink Punch.

The Motion X500 is currently available for pre-order on Soundcore’s official website,, priced at €129.99 with the official release date set for November 9th.

Additionally, for a limited time, customers can enjoy a €40 discount off the X500 by spending just £1 during the pre-order period.

soundcore Motion X500 | TheEffect.Net

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