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Samsung Ireland’s latest research, coinciding with the launch of its upcoming AI-powered Galaxy S24 Series, highlights the growing importance of artificial intelligence (AI) in daily tasks. According to the findings, 80% of Irish individuals believe AI will significantly enhance their daily activities, showcasing a widespread anticipation for its integration. In contrast, only 10% consider AI’s role unimportant, indicating a clear consensus on its potential impact.

The Galaxy S24 Series introduces Galaxy AI which boasts some notable features like intelligent text and call translations, creative enhancements through Galaxy’s ProVisual Engine, and an innovative ‘Circle to Search’ function.

72% of surveyed individuals also express excitement about the prospect of AI integration into smartphones, reflecting a desire for advanced technological capabilities on mobile devices.

The research identifies real-time language translation as the most anticipated AI feature, with 49% of respondents expressing interest. Additionally, functionalities such as online search/shopping (39%) and AI-driven image/text recognition through Circle to Search with Google (native to the S24 series and also the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro) are highly anticipated.

The survey also reveals specific AI applications deemed valuable by the respondents. These include automatic improvement of conversational tones in social posts and messages (30%), live interpretation services (29%), in-car usage for message summarisation and relevant reply suggestions (21%), and AI-powered camera shot enhancement recommendations (21%).

To showcase the capabilities of Circle to Search with Google and other features of the Galaxy S24 Series, Samsung hosted an exclusive event in Dublin, curated by celebrity stylist Luke Day. The event highlighted the integration of fashion and technology, emphasising the convenience of using AI for fashion trends and shopping.

The research also sheds light on current AI usage patterns, with music streaming apps being the most commonly experienced AI interface. Additionally, respondents have already utilised generative AI chat features for various purposes, including general research, office work, school/college work and recreational activities.

Despite widespread AI exposure, only a small percentage of respondents claim expert knowledge, highlighting the need for continued education and awareness regarding AI technologies.

We’re currently working on our full review of the new Samsung Galaxy S24+ so keep an eye on our site and social channels for our review very soon.

Samsung Galaxy AI Irish Research | TheEffect.Net

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