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At today’s Galaxy Unpacked event in Paris, Samsung has unveiled a slew of new devices and wearables, all of which have implemented Galaxy AI in one form or another. At the event, we finally got eyes on the new Galaxy Z Fold6, Galaxy Z Flip6, the previously teased Samsung Galaxy Ring, their Apple Watch Ultra competitor, the new Galaxy Watch Ultra, their new Galaxy Watch7 and their new futuristic Galaxy Buds3 and Buds 3Pro with a new ‘blade’ design.

Below is a quick breakdown of the key features of each of the new devices with AI really being the main theme of the event.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6

The Galaxy Z Fold6 shakes up its dimensions when compared to last year’s Fold5. Its internal folding display comes in at 7.6″ but is slightly shorter and wider than last year. Similarly, the external screen measures 6.3″ but has been shrunk down and made wider, making it that bit easier to use one-handed and interact with the device. Samsung has managed to shave some weight off the device also with the Fold6 coming in at 239g, compared to the Fold5’s 253g. They’ve also managed to shave 1.3mm off its thickness when folded so it should be that bit more pocketable as well.

When it comes to cameras, Samsung has kept things pretty much identical to last year’s model. Up front, on the outer display, there’s a 10MP ‘Selfie’ sensor. Around the back, in the triple camera array, there’s the 50MP main sensor, a 12MP ultra-wide sensor and a 10MP 3x telephoto sensor. For the internal display, there’s the same 4MP under-display lens which was only okay on last year’s Fold5 so hopefully Samsung has updated their processing algorithm to make it more usable.

Under the hood, the Fold6 has Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor with the same ‘for Galaxy‘ tweaks as first revealed in the S24 series from January. This is backed up by 12GB RAM with 256GB, 512GB and 1TB storage options. There’s the same 4400mAh battery with 25W charging speeds and ‘fast wireless charging’ support also, which is more than likely the same 15W as last year.

When it comes to AI functionality, users can expect a lot of the same features originally unveiled on the S24 series such as AI Note Assist, helping users to auto-summarise users’ notes along with ‘Browser Assist’ which lets users summarise webpages in the Samsung Internet Browser.

Galaxy Z Fold6 Note Assist feature | TheEffect.NetYou can also carry out instant translation on any search you carry out as well. Photo editing with AI will also be possible, similar to the Google Pixel’s own AI editing capabilities, allowing users to move, delete or resize items or individuals in their photos.

The Galaxy Z Fold6 will use similar AI photo editing features as on the S24 series | TheEffect.Net

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip6

The Galaxy Z Flip6 keeps things quite similar to last year’s Flip5 but with two notable upgrades including the new 50MP main camera sensor, which should deliver much more detailed shots when pixel-binned down to 12mp, along with a 4000mAh battery, the largest yet in a Galaxy Z Flip. The larger sensor will also help towards improved low light photography and enhanced lighting with Super HDR support.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip6 | TheEffect.NetOtherwise, things are pretty much the same when it comes to hardware. Internally, like the Fold6, the Flip6 is powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 for Galaxy with 12GB RAM and either 256GB or 512GB of storage. Wired charging maxes out at 25W and wireless charging comes in at 15W.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip6 | TheEffect.Net

Samsung Galaxy Buds3 & Buds3 Pro

The Galaxy Buds got themselves a nice redesign with a stemmed structure which Samsung is referring to as ‘blades’. The Pro models actually utilise a silicon-tipped design for inserting fully into your ear canal where as the non Pro variant goes with the ‘open’ design, similar to the non Pro versions of the Apple AirPods.

A considerable amount of research is said to have gone into ensuring these new earbuds offer improved comfort along with something they called ‘AI-based ear data’ which was used as a clustering measurement to make sure these new earbuds fit comfortably for as many users as possible.

Samsung Galaxy Buds3 Pro | TheEffect.NetThey are IP57 dust and immersion resistant up to 1 metre so you shouldn’t worry about dropping these buds into the sink, just hopefully they’re not in their case as it has no real protection itself.

Thanks to their AI functionality, the new Galaxy Buds 3 support ‘Interpreter Mode’ which allows you to translate conversations or audio in real-time via the earbuds. Samsung also spoke about the ‘Intelligent Sound’ feature of these new buds which optimises sounds for each individual wearer along with adaptive EQ and ANC (Pro model only). If you start speaking whilst wearing the Buds3 Pro in particular, they also support ‘Voice Detect’ to allow in ambient sound, along with reducing the volume and ANC levels. They also support pinch and swipe gestures for controlling various features and settings.

The Buds3 Pro also feature dual AMP while both models support 24-bit Hi-Fi audio quality up to 96kHz so high quality audio streaming apps such as TIDAL and Amazon Prime Music should sound fantastic on these buds.

Battery life on the Pro model, when listening to music, is stated as 6 hours with ANC on and 7 hours with it off an the Buds3 are stated as having 5 hours battery life with ANC on and 6 hours with it switched off. The charging case will provide an additional 24-30 hours usage, depending on usage.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra

What is undoubtedly a direct competitor to Apple’s Own ‘Ultra’ watch variant, Samsung also unveiled their own ‘Watch Ultra’ wearable with similar design cues and colour accents to Apple’s own top of the line smartwatch. The new Galaxy Watch Ultra features a ‘cushion’ design, according to Samsung, but we’d see it more as a ‘squircle’ (square and circle hybrid).

Along its right hand side, you’ll find the large, orange, ‘Action’ button, similar to Apple’s own offering, which lets users quickly select defined actions/features on the device. The display can pump out an impressive 3,000 nits of peak brightness so you shouldn’t have any issues using the watch in bright environments. It will automatically switch to a red and black toned ‘Night Mode’ to make things easier to view in darker environments.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra | TheEffect.NetInside, there’s a 3nm processor which is said to be 3x faster than their previous smartwatch offerings along with dual frequency GPS for better tracking and an enhanced BioActive sensor, for all your health, fitness and sleep tracking needs.

When set to ‘Power Saver Mode’, the watch is claimed to last 100 hours and when in its ‘Exercise Power Saving Mode’, users can expect up to 48 hours of use. In terms of OS, the Watch Ultra will be the first Android smartwatch to be powered by Wear OS 5 (until the Pixel Watch 3 launch next month, we assume).

Samsung Galaxy Watch7

The Galaxy Watch7 is the more ‘general consumer’ addition to the Galaxy Watch line up and is said to offer a ‘holistic health experience’ with enhanced AI algorithms for improved sleep analysis. It also offers ECG, regular Heart Rhythm Notification (IHRN), similar to its predecessor, and ‘Workout Routines’ for advanced workout tracking and guidance.

Samsung Galaxy Watch7 | TheEffect.NetThe new Watch7 can also track for potential sleep apnea, allowing users over the age of 22 who have not been diagnosed with sleep apnea to detect signs of moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) over a two-night monitoring period.

Galaxy Watch7 | TheEffect.NetSamsung Galaxy Ring

Originally teased at the Galaxy S24 series launch back in January, the Galaxy Ring is now official. Some key specs announced at today’s event include 7 days battery life, it weighs between 2.3 – 3 grams, depending on the size you go for. It will be available in three colour options, black, gold and titanium and, as expected, packs an impressive amount of health, fitness and sleep tracking tech that can all be monitored via the Samsung Health app.

Samsung Galaxy Ring | TheEffect.NetVarious health focused features include your own personalised ‘Health Score’ which will give you an overview of your daily condition based off your sleep activity, sleep quality and heart rate, along with other health parameters. It also packs auto-workout detection, inactive alerts and heart rate alerts. Using a skin temperature sensor, it also supports cycle tracking for users tracking their periods.

It comes with pinch gesture support, allowing users to use the ring as a camera shutter button when connected to a Samsung Galaxy smartphone along with the ability to dismiss alarms. It also lights up when you’ve misplaced it so help finding it should be that little bit easier. As a first generation version, it definitely packs some impressive tech but it will be interesting to see how it fares in the real world.

Pricing & Availability

You can read more about each of the new products at with the below breakdown for each of their price points and launch dates:

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6: 

The Galaxy Z Fold6 will be available for pre-order starting today, July 10, with general availability starting July 24. It is available in Silver Shadow, Pink and Navy.

  • 256GB – €2,059
  • 512GB – €2,169
  • 1TB – €2,409

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip6: 

The Galaxy  Z Flip6 will be available for pre-order starting today, July 10, with general availability starting July 24. It is also available in Silver Shadow, Yellow, Blue and Mint.

  • 256GB – €1,239
  • 512GB – €1,349

Samsung Galaxy Buds3 & Buds3 Pro:

The Galaxy Buds3 series will be available for pre-order starting today, July 10, with general availability starting July 24. Both sets will be available in Silver and White.

  • Galaxy Buds3 – €189
  • Galaxy Buds3 Pro – €259

Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra:

Galaxy Watch Ultra will be available for pre-order in Ireland starting July 10, with general availability starting July 24.

  • RRP of €699

Samsung Galaxy Watch7:

Galaxy Watch7 will be available for pre-order in Ireland starting July 10, with general availability starting July 24.

  • 40mm, €329 (Bluetooth)
  • 40mm, €379 (LTE)
  • 44mm, €359 (Bluetooth)
  • 44mm, €409 (LTE)

Samsung Galaxy Ring:

We’re still waiting for an Irish release date for the Galaxy Ring but it will have an RRP of €459. We’ll be sure to update this article once we have a confirmed release date.

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