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| October 27, 2020

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AboutDerek Reilly EV Contributor

Derek Reilly

Derek Reilly

Working in Sales at Indeed, EV Contributor TheEffect.Net, Founder Dublin EV Owners Club & EV Review Ireland, Mayo man in Dublin.

Posts By Derek Reilly

1st Look at the Honda e – A Tech Lovers Dream EV?

October 20, 2020 |

One of the most hotly anticipated Electric Vehicles of 2020 since it was debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in 2017 is the Honda e. It’s also becoming a car that is dividing opinion on it’s looks. Some (like all … Read More

Opel Launches Electric “Take Charge” Offer, An Irish Motor Industry First

October 12, 2020 |

Leeson Motors, Opel Importer in Ireland, has announced details of its Take Charge offer, a motor industry first in Ireland. The exciting offer invites customers to register a new, all-electric Opel Corsa-e in January 2021 and if they are not … Read More

Mazda release full MX-30 Pricing and details of connected services

October 7, 2020 |

Mazda have released the full pricing for the entire Mazda MX-30 range, revealing that the all-electric vehicle will start at €30,495*. Pricing for the exclusive First Edition model had been previously released which adds an array of additional equipment such … Read More

REVIEW: Volkswagen ID.3 1st Edition & Your Questions Answered

October 4, 2020 |

Here is our review for the brand new Volkswagen ID.3 1st Edition, specifically the Plus version. Derek Reilly looks at the exterior and interior along with taking it out on the road.

ID.3 1st

The entry-level ID.3 1st costs €33,625* … Read More

REVIEW: 2020 Hyundai IONIQ 38.3kWh

September 9, 2020 |

Here is our review for the 2020 Hyundai IONIQ with the now larger 38.3kWh battery. Derek Reilly looks at the exterior and interior along with taking it out on the road.

The 2nd generation model had some fresh new design … Read More

FREE NOW Launches first eco taxi booking option in Ireland

September 7, 2020 |

A new “eco” booking option enabling passengers to specifically choose electric or hybrid taxis to support Ireland’s drive to reduce carbon emissions has been launched today on the FREE NOW app.

FREE NOW, … Read More

Nissan LEAF Review – 2016 30kWh -vs- 2020 62kWh

August 31, 2020 |

In our latest EV Review Ireland videos, myself and Blake from EV Life Ireland take a drive to the source of the Liffey in two different generations of the Nissan LEAF.

The LEAF has become an emblematic car in … Read More

REVIEW: Tesla Model 3 Long Range – Will this be Ireland’s best selling EV in 2020?

August 3, 2020 |

Here is our review of one of the best selling electric vehicles in Ireland this year, the Tesla Model 3 Longe Range. Derek feels it will be Ireland’s best selling EV even at the nearly €60,000 price tag. Derek looks … Read More

Audi is number one in terms of patents for electric drives

July 17, 2020 |

Technical Development – internally referred to at Audi as “TE” – is the place where the brand’s heart beats. It is the place where “Vorsprung durch Technik” becomes a reality. Why is the title of this piece “Audi … Read More

REVIEW: 2020 Opel Corsa-e Review – The 100% Electric City Car

July 14, 2020 |

Here is our review for the latest and greatest electric vehicle from Groups PSA specifically this variant is the Opel/Vauxhall Corsa-e.

This is the EV Review Ireland review and road test of the new 2020 fully electric Opel Corsa-e (Vauxhall … Read More