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| April 19, 2021

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CW & Arrow Creators Working on Flash TV Series

August 6, 2013 |

Following on from the Batman/Superman film announcement at comic-con, another DC Comic Book Hero is about to hit your screens in the near future. Central City’s resident speed merchant, The Flash, is to get his own television series.

Superheroes’ Pasts and Presents Mashed Up in 6 Amazing Posters

July 26, 2013 |

I think we can all agree that Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Ironman, The Flash and Wolverine are pretty much superhero badasses but they all pretty much came from humble beginnings.

An American (California) based graphic designer called Khoa Ho created a … Read More

The Best Comic Con Cosplay Music Video You’ll See Today

July 24, 2013 | 3

If you’ve never really grasped why Comic Con is so popular, or you’re unsure as to what cosplay actually is – watch this music video, it’ll change your mind.

This shows how much work, effort, time and probably money that … Read More

What if Game Developers Were Noble Houses in Game of Thrones?

June 20, 2013 |

Game of Thrones has yet to have a decent official video game adaptation, but if popular game developers were in the show as great and powerful Houses, who would be who?

Thankfully that burning question has been answered by GameFront, … Read More

Arrested Development Season 4 is Live Right Now

May 26, 2013 |

I just blue myself…. The hotly anticipated fourth season of Arrested Development is live RIGHT NOW.

Head over to or to your console, phone, tablet, streaming device or crystal ball, whatever it is you use to access Netflix and … Read More

UPC launch Horizon TV app & Horizon TV Online service + boosts it’s broadband to record levels.

April 16, 2013 | 1

UPDATE 15 Aug 2013 – Full review of UPC Horizon HERE

Well we have just got back from UPC HQ after been giving a hands-on demo of the brand new UPC Horizon TV app and online service. We were also … Read More

Gizoogle Up In This Joint!

March 29, 2013 |

Yo ass should all head ta if yo ass is lookin fo’ a phat laugh!

Yeah…we don’t quite understand it either, but we’ve just come across Gizoogle – a cool tool that translates any text or website you want … Read More

Is this Emperor Palpatine’s ultrasound? Star Wars villain appears in scan

March 11, 2013 |

Is this the ultrasound scan of an unborn baby or a snapshot of the evil emperor from Star Wars?

Heather Large, mother to be, and husband Toby from Illinois, noticed that during a standard ultrasound of their unborn son, one of the … Read More